Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane

I know I promised you a picture of my little red carry-on suitcase, closed, but I'm afraid I can't keep that promise tonight. We're here in our Vanc'r apartment after a very busy day -- hair appointment, pedicure, lawyer (finally making a new will after years of taking off on trips thinking about what if . . .), then the ferry from the island, then a quick visit to drop off the car at our daughter's.
Then I had to fret some more about what I was bringing and transfer things around and try to beg space in Paul's case and . . . now I realize I don't have the USB cable to transfer photos to this computer, so instead I'll say good-bye to you, and remind you that I will be posting regularly over the next few weeks, so keep stopping by.
Our flight leaves tomorrow morning, and Paul's just put the order in for the cab to pick us up. We leave Wednesday at 10:40 a.m. and get into Paris Thursday morning at 8:30 (after changing planes tomorrow afternoon in Montreal) -- it will be a long while before I can get a decent sleep, so I'm heading off to bed now, altho' I suspect the anticipation may make it tough to nod off.
Au revoir . . .


  1. All the best for the flight - that's a long one! I will keep dropping by (it's a habit now!)and am so looking forward to hearing all your news when you get back. Have a wonderful time and bon voyage! Patricia

  2. Hope you have a safe journey. I am looking forward to lots of piccys!

  3. Have a fantastic time!! You will be missed. I so look forward to hearing about your fantastic time in Paris and seeing all your pictures. But, don't hurry home on our account. Bon voyage!!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to reading about all you saw and ate and did and bought.


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