Wednesday, April 9, 2008

spring: some clouds, some clothes

We've had far too many of these cloudy days here, and the clouds don't just pass by, but have been dropping serious deposits of rain, sleet, and hail on their way. Yesterday morning, I thought the effect of the sun barely breaking through them to reflect on the calm water was quite beautiful. So many shades of greys, creams, and the palest hint of yellow.

And here's a very quick "What I Wore" post. Not a great one to follow up my hesitations over offering up my photographs, since I tend to see here only the usually widening effects of horizontal stripes. As well, I think this skirt is a good example of why just above the knee might not be the best length for someone short, like me, or at least not in this cut. Nonetheless, I felt springy, even jaunty, in this nautical look. The scarf is an inexpensive but fun purchase from Paris, long and slim, embroidered and beaded. Almost exactly the same red as my Parisian loafers which you can better see here. As I wrote in a previous post, I associate these shoes with a pre-dissertation-defense trip to Paris and also with the successful defence, so wearing them always pleases me. Do you have any talismanic wardrobe items? I'm also wearing a silver cuff here that is perhaps more part of me than talismanic, exactly. It's a First Nations carved silver cuff by John Livingston (depicts raven stealing the light), a gift from my husband over 15 years ago, probably my favourite thing to wear, ever. Livingston was a cousin of a friend and colleague of my husband, and although Bob died several years ago, I remember him often through the bracelet. It's accumulated many layers of memory through the years so even a pair of Louboutins wouldn't bump it to second place in my wardrobe!t-shirt, The Gap; cardigan, Aritzia; denim skirt, Esprit; Wolford tights; scarf, Paris; shoes, Clif, Paris.


  1. I'm fairly impressed that your entire house seems to be painted robin's egg blue.

    Alas, despite paying an inordinate amount of attention to what I wear, I've never really attributed good luck to items of clothing.

  2. Thomas: No, just the upstairs, and it's only recently so. The downstairs is Dill Pickle (really!) and Boardwalk, some Benjamin Moore colours I find so easy to live with that we painted our Vanc'r apartment the same (we call it the branch office).
    I think I chose my word poorly -- I don't mean good luck so much as clothing that just makes you feel more confident and reminded of what you can do or have achieved or something -- more a touchstone, I guess, than a talisman. . .

  3. Hmm, not "talismanic" so much, but wearing boots always makes me feel powerful.

    I love those nautical shirts, horizontal stripes be damned. They look so French to me.

    I also love your shots of the clouds and water. Reminds me of my days living on a boat in Morro Bay!

  4. Pseu, Yes, that's more what I mean, clothes or accessories that make you feel powerful, confident, or competent -- boots really do that for me as well. And I agree about the stripes -- they just seem so French and spring-like. I love those t-shirts that Petit Bateau make and keep meaning to bring a few back from Paris for the perfect baby shower gifts.
    You're really a woman of surprises: first I find you used to make and perform in Renaissance costumes and now I learn that you used to live on a boat!

  5. Love the Parisian nature of your outfit and the associations to the items you are wearing.
    And, lovely pictures. I am aching for the sea.

  6. Many people say that Constable (the painter) as a much a meteorologist as he was a painter. It is hard to ever tire of looking at clouds because they are so transient and ephemeral. The photos are lovely. To stop you thinking knee length skirts make you look short, get the photographer to drop to one knee! that will give you a bit of height. As for the stripes, buy all you can in Canada because you will need a lottery win to fund any purchases in France at the momment, nothing in the Marais is less than 3 digits!

  7. LBR: thanks -- figures the Parisian aspect would get you ;-)
    Alison: Thanks for the compliment on the photos AND for the photography tip -- unfortunately, I'm the photographer most of the time, but I could set the camera on something much lower before running back to get my smile on the other side of the lens. As for the exchange rate, what is there to say but those words I'm trying not to use on my blog . . .


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