Saturday, April 26, 2008

full disclosure

I've left these behind, a small sign of how much work my garden needs, how inappropriate it is to abandon it for a weekend, to go and see this
and I think I'll probably wear this (bought on sale at Banana Republic several weeks ago -- it's silk, it's lined, and it has fabulous pockets!). Photo courtesy of Megan during our recent photoshoot; she also pinned my hair up. I miss that girl! I think I'll wear it with my new shoes and the lacy green cardigan I knit last summer.
Never did tell you about the movies we watched last weekend (Once, The Darjeeling Express, Je Crois que Je L'Aime, I'd recommend any of them) and here it's the weekend again. Hope you enjoy yours!


  1. That dress is lovely! I think the cardigen will go perfectly with it. We haven't been to the opera yet, but tonight we went to see the U2 movie in 3D -hm, somewhat different ends of the cutural spectrum! Have a great weekend, Patricia

  2. The dress is gorgeous. You look so stunning!

  3. Thanks Patricia, Gina -- and I can put my hands in the pockets -- not very elegant, I know, but I love a dress with pockets!


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