Saturday, April 5, 2008

Favourite Buffy and Angel Quotations

Apologies to those of you who subscribe and have to waste a few seconds processing this post. I'm just trying to tidy up my sidebars and have decided to move the Buffy/Angel quotations out of the way, but I don't want to get rid of them. Instead, I'm going to store them in an archived post, and that's what this is.

A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.

Willow to Reilly after she's told him she'll "beat him to death with a shovel" if he hurts Buffy.
Buffy, Episode 4.7

Just because you're better than us doesn't mean you can be all superior.

Xander to Buffy, Episode 4.20

Oh, poor Watcher, Did your life just flash before your eyes? Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea.

Spike to Giles, after rescuing the latter from a vampire, Buffy, Episode 6.1

I was bored to tears even before the hour-that-wouldn't end"

Buffy to Spike, Episode 6.5

Hey! Respect the narrative flow much?

Willow to Anya who has interrupted her account of discovering Jonathan, Andrew, & Warren's "nerds' natural habitat" to ask where Buffy is. Episode 6. 12

Was that all I was to you? A one-bite stand?

Female Vampire to Spike who has rejected her overtures. Episode 7.8 Sleeper

Thank God we're hot chicks with superpowers!

Faith to Buffy, after commiserating about the loneliness of being a Slayer. Episode 7, penultimate episode End of Days

From Angel:

Man, Atonement's a bitch!
Angel, having earlier fired his employees (who disapproved of his single-minded pursuit of revenge against Wolfram and Hart), is now trying to ingratiate himself into the re-formed Angel Investigations and is having to accept not only the loss of his "boss status" and office, but also his new assignment of coffee-making duties. Season 2, Episode 17, Disharmony

As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck.
Wesley commenting on the Beast's plan to kill the Ra-tet and block out the sun permanently. Season 4, Episode 9, Long Day's Journey

Just like riding a biker.
Faith assuring Wesley, who has just helped her escape from prison to fight Angelus, that her vampire-and-demon-fighting skills have returned easily, that he doesn't need to worry about her being rusty. Season 4, Episode 13, Salvage


  1. Finally found your blog by googling "blogspot +knitting +buffy +france." It was "france" that narrowed the field. So... to add to your buffy quotations:

    "If I was at full slayer power, I'd be punning right about now."
    ("Helpless" 3.12)

    [If I WERE... but who's marking?]

  2. Yes! Great to have you stop by (except now that all my secrets are out, I'll have to start avoiding you at work ;-)
    By the time I thought of putting quotations on the blog, I was already watching Season 4 and have always meant to go back and fill in more from the first three seasons. So thanks for starting me off . . .
    And yes, I'm guessing Buffy missed that class on the subjunctive/conditional combo.

  3. I cannot tell you how many times a day I thank God that I am a hot chick with superpowers.

    Another fave of mine:

    "Standing here. Standing right exactly here."

    Willow in response to being discussed in the third person while still in the room. (I'll leave you to spot the episode.)


    I frequently find myself saying "Bored now" to people who have no clue. Oops.

  5. Just found your buffy post. I am rewatching series on netflix. Currently on the first season with Dawn. So many great quotes and so little time.

    Opera + buffy + style= can't get any better than this.

  6. TJR: Glad you found the Buffy post -- feel free to add favourite quotations in the comments here as you proceed with your rewatch. Dawn is sooooo irritating, but she does move the series forward in interesting ways. I'd be afraid to confess how many times I've watched (own all DVDs for Buffy and for Angel -- that's a clue!). . . at least I've got a scholarly publication (really!) out of it and anticipate a few more . . . Life is good with opera + buffy + style!


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