Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunrises, Heading East, and Happy Birthday, Mom!

I heard a sealion barking nearby while I was drinking my tea this morning, so I grabbed my camera and headed out to look. I couldn't see it although the barking continued sporadically, so instead I took a few shots of this sunrise.
The weather report suggests that this sun is making promises it's not going to keep, although the wind seems to be sweeping away at least one layer of clouds.
I'm going to stay hopeful for more sunshine throughout the day, but meanwhile we will be heading in an opposite direction from the sun -- it's heading west while we're eastward bound. We're taking the brand-new BC ferry, Coastal Renaissance, to Vancouver where we'll be picking up my mom and taking her to the opera with us tonight. It's her birthday today -- Happy Birthday, Mom! -- and for a longtime opera lover, she seems to think Fidelio will be a great gift (my sister told me mom's had her outfit worked out for a while now; I'm not surprised).
I hope the sun's rising on a good day for you as well, and perhaps that it even continues to shine.


  1. mom!
    Thanks for being the best mom ever. I am thinking that my next tattoo will be a flaming heart with the words MOM running through it.
    you're great your're great your're great!

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day -- a lovely sunrise and a greeting from a sealion! Happy Birthday to your mum. I hope it's a spectacular day all around.

  3. girlcook: you know, sweetie, you could just get me chocolates . . .
    gina: I know, I'm lucky! And mom says thanks for the b.d. greetings


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