Friday, February 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

I'm finally organized enough to chime in on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, organized by May Dreams Gardens. I believe this happens on the 15th of each month, with garden bloggers posting about what's blooming in their gardens, and then leaving comments on the May Dreams post with their blog info. Once I'm finished posting, I'm going to visit a few gardens and see what's up.
While I complain about the greyness here, I'm chastened when I see what gardeners are putting up with in most other parts of the country. Spring is very close here on the west coast, and my mahonia japonica is just beginning to bloom. It has a wonderful fragrance, especially when the late winter/early spring sunshine warms it.
And here I leaned right in to show you that, indeed, some of the blossoms truly are open. We have some sunny days this weekend, and I anticipate some serious yellow happening!

And the ever-dependable crocuses (I know, I know, croci, but really, do you like that sound?) are poking their way through the mulch.
And several varieties of hellebore are almost bursting out as well.

I have to admit that I was rather startled to realize that this last hellebore is probably close to ten years old -- mom and dad brought it over with a bunch of Solomon's seal and other goodies before dad got too sick to travel, and he's been gone over seven years now. I love having such mementoes in the garden.

Also blooming here is my viburnum bodnatense 'Pink dawn' and a winter honeysuckle bush (still, for both of them -- these babies just go on and on). The viburnum tinus 'Spring bouquet' is almost there as well.

Well, that little exercise in cataloguing for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day has made me much more appreciative of February on our wet west coast! Now I think I'll go visit some other gardening blogs and see what's blooming elsewhere. Have a good weekend!


  1. Love the crocuses (croci) and all your blooms. Yes, seeing some of the northern gardens makes even me appreciate the ONE flower blooming outside in my garden.

    Thanks for joining in for Bloom Day. I'm glad you got organized enough to participate, because it allowed me to discover your blog!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Something about the way you shot the blooms makes the flowers look like they come from the garden primeval. They look wild and self-cultivated, rather than fussed over, pruned and prodded. Really lovely!

  3. Carol: No, really, thank you! I've discovered some new blogs myself through your project
    Red Weasel: Thanks so much! My garden is very much a cottage garden but I'd love to think of it as a garden primeval -- this is one of my favourite comments ever!

  4. Pretty pretties! I love Mahonia.

  5. I love Hellebores, Emin managed to kill mine whilst it lay dormant in a pot. I have yet to step out into my garden, I may brave the quagmire this week!

  6. In the Vancouver Art Gallery there is an exhibit in which the art has been joined by potted plants. I found my friend, ex-garden Store and current VFS student, oblivious to the art and keenly observing one of the plants. You can take the boy out of the garden store...

  7. P.S went out to rescue frost bitten Daffodils and saw one of my beautiful frogs frozen to death in the pond. I could have cried...Its not like I havn't left them enough places to kee warm!

  8. oh alison! first dead hellebores and then a frozen frog -- thank heavens for the mimosa! I'm surprised you're in deep frost again after your 16 degrees last week.
    Thomas: we thought of going to the VAG this weekend but didn't make it. I'd quite likely have a similar response to your buddy.


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