Monday, February 18, 2008

after the weekend, I'm in a fog . . .

I've been away since Thursday morning -- in Vancouver 'til Sunday, and then we went to Victoria where Paul had meetings today. We had dinner with my son and his girlfriend last night at the restaurant in the hotel he works at -- great meal, good company, fabulous view of the harbour with all the city lights. He always makes sure we get a good room, but I had to leave it early this morning to drive back up the island for my 10:00 class. The Malahat's always a beautiful drive but today with the sun rising in the east, it was spectacular. Indeed, that sunshine kept everyone happy all day, but as I headed down the hill after classes, I could see the blanket of fog covering the Nanaimo harbour. Here's the view from my deck at 5:45 this afternoon -- no ocean, no mountains, no horizon at all!

In the photo below, the fog is surprisingly visible, almost tangible.
I hope to tell you a few things about the weekend, but I'm tired after my long day. I think I'm even tired enough that I might be able to sleep through the foghorns sounding on the freighter that must be just offshore a bit -- I can hear it, but I can't see it!


  1. Your photos make me miss the misty wet ocean fog and your reflections make me miss the crow of fog horns.

  2. I love a proper and consuming fog! It makes for dreamy days.

  3. LBR: I did wish I could add a soundfile to the post with the fog horns booming away.
    Gina: I love that expression, "a proper and consuming fog."


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