Thursday, January 31, 2008

soon-to-be-spring shoes

I promised you a closer look at the shoes I wore to the opera on Saturday, and I keep my promises. Here they are as worn that night, with sparkly tights.

But in these photos taken out on my deck, you can see that these are really a versatile shoe, and that while they can work for a sparkly winter outing, they will be even happier come spring (as will I!). I'm loving this gently rounded toe, very similar to that on my Frye boots I also love the colour combination -- at four colours, these could be very busy shoes, but because the colours are all quite neutral, I think they will be fairly versatile (famous last words, right before she heads out to shop for navy, silver, and gold additions to the wardrobe -- hope not!). And while these were sparkly enough to make me feel festive on Saturday, the metallics are matte enough that they won't blind on a sunny day in May (oh, a sunny day in May -- can't wait!).
And I love the striping on the heel! As for the height of the heels -- perfect. It gives me some (height that is) while being very comfortable to walk in -- we walked from our apartment to the opera on Saturday night, a 30-minute walk, and although the shoes were brand new, I had no problems at all. I bought them at B2 in Vancouver, if you're curious, and they're by Jeffrey Campbell. Reasonable for the style and the apparent quality (apparent in the "so far, so good" way, having stood up to a solid walk in the rain).

HAve to mention here that I am now re-writing a Post-that-Got-Swallowed and it's not so much fun as writing the first time!

For now, it's back to boots, boots, and more boots, for trudging through snow, rain, ice, and freezing rain -- it's been a long, dark month and we've still got February ahead. Plus I was woken last night by that very sore throat that signals the beginning of a cold. But I've got spring shoes just waiting to be taken out in the sunshine, so I'm going to believe that it's coming. And I've still got You Made My Day awards to give out, after having my day made by Jillian, who surprised me with a happy-making badge. So it's going to be upbeat, upbeat, upbeat around here -- hindsight has shown me that this is the way to go (hey, should I add that to my list?)

And speaking of Jillian, if you've come to me from her blog, Sknitty, you might be looking for knitting. I promise you, it does happen around here, even if I haven't posted much lately. Soon to come: updates on my Dollar and a Half Cardigan, some legwarmers for my daughter, and another cute Tulip Cardigan.


  1. Are you kidding me? I recently had my eye on those very shoes, but I've come up short finding them anywhere! I guess I have to take a trip to Canada. At least my passport is in order.

    Needless to say, I love the shoes!

  2. Talk about a small world, Gina! Connected through the shoes, eh? (That's a Canadian thing, the "eh" -- you'll have to start practising if you're coming shoe-shopping here).

  3. I'm thinking it might be worth you
    packing those shoes in your backpack to wear @ school during the blahs of February. Nothing like a little shoe/clothing pick me up to brighten the dreariest of

  4. If you're in New York there's an odd store which I think is called Ducky's...although I can't find it online. ANYWAY it's in SOHO with other locations, and in the basement they have a shwackload of Jeffrey Campbells.

  5. Seriously cool shoes - even better, looks like you could walk around town in them without breaking an ankle!

  6. Oh, serious shoe envy has beset me!!! Those are too fabulous, and I love them with the sparkly tights.


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