Monday, December 3, 2007

paris dreaming -- on such a winter's day

Over at Paris Parfait, Tara's posted the most wonderful photos of exquis shop windows that make me want to head to the airport right away. Since she posted this, she's also posted other magical and fantastic windows such as this

and thisOh, yes, I'd like to just put this pile of essays aside, pack a small case with my best warm clothes, and leave this sodden mess of wind, rain, and melting snow far behind. Even should it turn sodden in Paris, what distractions these windows could provide!

But you can be sure that while I'm looking out at our stormy weather today, I'll be scanning the water, looking for Friday's visitors to return -- did you see my post on the Orcas at my doorstep?

1 comment:

  1. Oh thanks for the nod! It's such fun taking these photos of Paris windows. The French window dressers are so talented.


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