Monday, December 3, 2007

Merry Christmas and Farewell Megan and Rob!

Does anything say early-Christmas-dinner-in-a-crowded-apartment like homemade mincemeat tarts, Sorels stacked in the doorway, and handknits worn goofily to cook in? Read on and see . . .

I didn't take any pictures of the snowy scenes outside our condo on Saturday, but this photo hints at the weather Yes, the young women all sensibly arrived in their various models of Sorels, well-equipped for any winter storm. Of course, one of them quickly changed into these beauties which, despite my insisting on the photo op, have not been adequately captured on film. They're by Steve Madden, have a shapely, if vertiginous, heel, and looked fabulous on Kris (she also impressed us with her chocolate cake, but more on that later).
More evidence of the cold and of my poor camera skills (something about the delay when using the flash, a delay I cannot get used to!), here's my son-in-law, Adam, warmly bundled in a scarf I'd like to steal: And evidence that the cold weather made my knit gifts quite welcome, here's Megan's boyfriend, Rob, wearing the Shedir hat I made for him. Again, since I failed to hold the camera steady 'til the shutter actually clicked (!) we have more fuzz than precision, but perhaps you get the idea.
And if you're still prepared to be patient with poor photos, here's a happy couple (soon to be unhappy in, respectively, Barbados and then Wolf Island, Ontario -- Rob, and Tyax Ski Lodge in the deep interior of BC -- Megan) united in their handknit gifts as well, perhaps, as by a certain affection for each other!
Folks were really rocking their handknits, but it wasn't as cold in the apartment as these photos suggest. Look at dad and chef daughter whipping up their culinary storm; can you tell she likes the scarf she commissioned? (Paul's hat's one of a series of experiments with beanies from last winter).

More later on what they're creating there. First, more pictures of the crowd. Here's the soon-to-be-parted sweethearts, reminding me so much of just a few years ago (well, decades) when I sat on Paul's knee during family visits, just like this.Here's Joey, Zach's girlfriend, chatting with Bronwen
and here are the guys discussing world affairs, or maybe basketball . . .We missed Rhiannon but took the opportunity to talk about her lots (kidding, Rhi! -- love you, sweetie!)

And we ate, oh, did we eat! We started out with a fabulous spread of nibblies -- wonderful cheeses (I love the Juliet from Saltspring Island's David Wood), prosciutto-wrapped melon, some great charcuterie from Meg's mentor and former boss, Sean Cousins, at So.cial's butchershop. That's also where the meal's centerpiece came from, an amazingly tender standing rib roast, beautifully aged, probably the best roast beef I've ever had. Yorkshire pudding, gravy, fab salad, yummy veggies, and ta-da! Look at this cake, made and artfully presented by Ms. Kris (who also made the tarts above -- with her homemade mincemeat to boot!)


  1. yes!yes!yes! It was that warm- toques, that tasty -mmmmm roasted rib eye, and "saaaaweeeeeeet"- drooool chocolate cake droool raspberries!
    Rob loves his toque,and has been rocking it everyday since saturday, and I adore my hand warmers;) and scarf.
    thanks again to the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

  2. seconded :) even your fuzzy pictures can't hide what a fun evening it was! and perfect timing with the snow - it was like megan planned it!

  3. You should try Kris' butter tarts. She brought some to our crafting night and they were delish! PS. Your daughter even helped with some of the crafts.

  4. Hey Britta! Great to have you stop by! And I'll have to hint to Kris 'cause butter tarts are definitely a fave 'round here. And speaking of hinting, wonder what crafts Bronwen made, anything for a certain mom?

  5. by "craft" Britta means "tied the strings onto Kris' origami Christmas tree ornaments"! (clearly, I'm just pretending to be a girl ;)

  6. I am late to the party here on the blog! Very nice pictures. I was thinking of our meal again recently, and I may have to make something similar for my mom on Christmas Eve (roast beef and all the trimmings) - delish. Re: buttertarts: so noted.


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