Friday, December 21, 2007

against the elements

In my teens, I was impatient when my mother would say that a good coat was important, that it made a first impression. For me, a coat was something to keep me warm and dry 'til I took it off at school or, eventually, work, and I preferred to use my clothing budget for the more fun stuff (not coincidentally, the items that could affordably be replaced more often while the coat had to serve for several years).
But it's been a few decades now since I've come around to mom's way of thinking and the last few years, especially, I've been appreciating the comfort and confidence that a good coat can provide. Here's my latest acquisition, the Creenstone coat I debated about several weeks ago
You can see the fullness of the skirt as it blows in the wind here.
I love these buttons up the sleeves, the zipper details, the shaping . . . all that and I'm warm and dry!
I wore the coat to take Mom to the Festival of Lights at the VanDusen gardens -- wonder if she noticed that I'd paid attention to her early lessons!


  1. You look gorgeous Frances. What a beautiful coat. Only you could wear it with such flair. It looks even better against the backdrop of your front yard. I'm sure Mom noticed even if she didn't say anything.


  2. Wow, that's a fabulous coat!!! Love the shape and the detailing.

  3. Thanks, Deja -- I'm just loving it!
    And thanks Leona, as well -- in fact, mom did comment on the coat after Bronwen pointed it out. I'm probably the one who was remiss in that I could have told her that her early advice has finally paid off!

  4. You look adorable! The coat seems almost Victorian dress-like, with a bustle, button sleeves, and a full skirt.

  5. Is it weird to say that you are *cute* mum?
    you are, and that is a fantastic coat

  6. Thanks Dana -- I think of it as having a bustle as well, but you're right, the overall styling is rather Victorian.
    And Meg, I'll take "cute" and not think it's too weird.

  7. I missed this on The Thoughtful dresser - that is one awsome coat..the perfect melding of fashion, fantasy and utility(I'm still trying to figure out the zipper on the back...). I have to admit that I have never heard of this company before. They obviously have a "thing" for this "buttons all the way up the sleeve" feature, but it does give it a certain Victorian charm - like those pictures of the winter leggings that the children used to wear.

  8. Thanks Toby, I'm just loving it! I'm not convinced, though, that the back zipper is a good example of form following function, but unzipped, it does release a small pleat giving extra room should one require it at that strategic spot! (or just be wearing bulky clothes, I suppose).

  9. That coat is divine, and you look so radiant!


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