Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday evening thoughts

just a couple of random notes before Monday comes 'round again:

1. Christie Blatchford's rather odd piece about blogs in yesterday's Globe and Mail. She thinks most blogs are poorly or indifferently written and further argues that confessional material is best kept private as it used to be in diaries. What I don't really understand is why she chooses to fill an entire column sneering at blogs. If they're as weak and irrelevant as she claims, why bother using some of the best journalistic real estate in the country to attack them. After all, she could just do what I so often do when she writes another column about her dear deceased father's values or the charms and valour of firefighters and soldiers or the antics of her dog -- move right along, saving my eyeballs for more worthy material. She expresses some pretty proprietorial sentiments about writing, making herself feel better about those lawyers, doctors, and other non-writing-trained folk who take up the pen by smirking that she plans to practise surgery or law for her next career. Of course, the list of lawyers, doctors, bankers, etc., who have made literary history is considerably longer than the list of journalists turned surgeon or lawyer. I do agree with Blatchford that the absence of editors is a sorry reality in much of the blogworld, but I'm finding that more and more often the case in print journalism and, indeed, in many books (of all genres) these days as well.

2. Thanks to my son, Zach, for organizing a lovely meal at a charming little Thai restaurant in Victoria on Friday night. Paul had a meeting in Victoria Friday and since I haven't seen Zach for months and months and was really missing him, we decided to meet there. I had a fabulous drive down through the Cowichan Valley all alight with fall colour and up through the Malahat with its stunning views. Zach had booked us into the Magnolia Hotel -- just named People's Choice 3rd top Canadian hotel by Condé Nast Traveler -- where he not only got us a great rate, but also got us an upgrade into a lovely room (the hotel he works in, the Delta Ocean Pointe, was too busy). Our oldest daughter, Bronwen, was in Victoria for a conference, so we got to have dinner with her, Zach, and Joey (Zach's girlfriend). The food was great, but the company was even better. I wish we lived closer together so we could do this more often.


  1. Though I haven't (perhaps obviously) read the column of which you speak, I do find that attitude among a startling number of folks--academics included. And my basic thought is, why do they even care that blogs exist? These people boggle the mind (bloggle?).

    Thanks for your comments on my blog today. I'm at that point in the quarter where I'm just impressed with myself for managing to get a post up, much less make any interesting or thoughtful comments about anything. It's incredibly encouraging that you continue to stop by.

    I, in the meantime, will continue to munch vicariously at all your big-city restaurants. Those weekend trips sound marvelous.

  2. What a lovely weekend. I wonder what it will be like when all my birds have flown. My only brother lives almost East Coast, and as such we are just delighted when he says he's coming to town. As my dad says, "who invited you anyway?" and as I say, "hey, if mom and dad don't let you stay, there's always the foldout couch in my 1300 sf 3br house with three children under five." No really. This is how much we love him.

  3. Dana, you're right, it was lovely, although I'll pay this week for not working enough on the weekend. I love seeing my kids and getting to see them interact--I hope they'll be as close as you and your brother.
    Puttermeister, thanks for the giggle, bloggle, giggle again . . .

  4. hehe. thanks again for dinner, and to zach for organizing.

  5. materfamilias, we get those sorts of columns on a pretty regular basis in the U.S. papers too. Personally, I think many of the print journalists a feeling threatened, as blogs and the 'net in general have certainly encroached on their territory. And yes, I've seen so much *really poor* writing in newspapers lately, and some very good writing on blogs, so perhaps they're feeling threatened for good reason.

  6. So long as she confines her surgical skills to her dog, I have no problem with her taking up a new career.

  7. Deja -- that's exactly the sense that I got from Blatchford's column.
    And anonymous, yours may be my favourite comment ever -- I'm assuming you're no more enamoured of Blatchford's usual subject matter than I am.


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