Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Shoes Wednesday On Track Again

One week of no shoes, last week with two pairs of boots, and I now return you to our regularly scheduled programming:
I debated about which shoes were the best choice for today. After all, we've moved into boot weather and I still have a few pairs you haven't seen. But yesterday and today we've had surprisingly warm, dry weather (high teens, early twenties -- celsius, that is) as a very welcome interruption to the rain and winds of October. So I thought I'd choose a more transitional shoe, a pair that I wear throughout the year -- barefoot in summer, with tights or leggings in the other seasons.I haven't quite captured the rich colour, which is more cordovan than shows up on my screen, nor the texture of the leather -- fine, yet ever so slightly pebbled. These are a bit higher than my normal comfort level, but they're not bad if I'm standing more than walking. I love the sculptured wedge heel, the cut-outs at ankle and toes, the dainty buckles.
I bought these a year ago last spring at B2 on Robson Street in Vancouver -- they're the store's line (Brown's). A reasonable price for a shoe I've worn a lot and still love wearing. I'm surprised, actually, at how long the wedge heel has been with us this incarnation, with every indication that I'll get at least another year's enjoyment out of these. I remember a fabulous emerald green suede pair with equally dainty buckles, about the same height, that I bought on sale in the mid-seventies, pre-kids, and I remember my mom commenting at the time on the wedge last being popular in her teens. Platforms, of course, were popular in the seventies along with the wedge as they are now and as they had been decades earlier. I've often heard that if you've worn a style in an earlier incarnation, you should pass on it the next time it comes around. Instead, I try to adapt what's current to what works for me now, aware that some styles are more suited to youth than to experience. I completely ignored the platform this time 'round, for example, although I loved it in the 70s -- my 50+ feet like more contact with the ground than platforms allow.
Coming soon, photos of a new FO, my Montego Bay scarf. I just got my invitation to Ravelry yesterday for those of you knitters-in-the-know, but I'm going to have to ignore the temptation to figure that site out. So many possibilities. But I can barely keep up with the blog right now, so I'm going to resist for a while, at least.


  1. Well thank goodness you've reinstated this feature! Truly lovely shoes. And I still remember my first wedgies in college - black patent - and how glamourous they seemed at the time. Plus I could walk in them without falling over, definitely a plus when you're 19 and trying to impress the boys.

  2. Thanks Paris -- nice to know the feature's appreciated (although eventually, I suppose I'll run out of shoes!) Black patent wedgies -- wouldn't they be just the ticket this season!


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