Wednesday, September 19, 2007

these boots really are made for walking

If this is your first Wednesday visit to my blog, welcome and thanks so much for stopping by. Every Wednesday for the last few weeks, taking a page from Manolo's Shoe Blog with its weekly Whose Shoes Wednesday feature, I've been focussing on a pair of my shoes, and calling the series, My Shoes Wednesday. If shoes aren't your thing, come back and visit another day, please. But if you either love shoes yourself or if you believe that focussing on everyday material objects is a worthwhile exercise, please read on -- and do consider leaving a comment before you leave. I'd love to hear from you.

My Shoes--and Boots!--Wednesday now featuring
Finally, I get to wear my new fall boots! I bought these a month ago after spotting them in B2 on Robson Street (for non-Vancouverite Canadian readers, B2 is a branch of Brown's Shoes). I'd been checking out the early arrivals of fall boots for a brown pair -- I have a black pair I love, but sometimes I'd like a softer colour. These looked like they'd work, but I didn't have time to try them on. And by the time I went back a week later to try them on, they were already sold out. They had a pair set aside for someone, though, and let me try them on. As soon as I did, I ordered myself a pair--they are so comfortable. And when you can get comfort in a non-matronly format (and I believe these are not the least bit matronly), you grab it, right?

I've stuffed one with plastic bags here to show you how they slouch. I wasn't at all convinced until I put them on, but all that leather just arranges itself nicely into position. The boots look good with a skirt or dress or with jeans, especially if the jeans are slim enough to tuck inside. Younger women, of course, are wearing boots like this with leggings, and I think it's a flattering enough look on me, but I'm probably not going to try it in public.
Just below, I've given you a view from above so you can check out the toe. I've noticed a few versions of this in boots around Vancouver, at least -- a softer version of a pointed toe. I wasn't sure how much I liked it at first, but it's growing on me, mainly because these are -- did I mention this already? -- so comfortable! Of course, that's mainly because the leather is so soft, as soft as its pre-weathered look suggests. But it's also a very easy foot shape, at least for a wide, flat-footed pair like mine. I walked up the hill to school today and back (about 35 minutes each way) and there's not even a hint of a blister.

For me, there's something about boots that lends attitude to my day -- what about you? Do you have a favourite pair? A dream pair? What boots would get you walking? or strutting? Do you have a pair you wouldn't dare walk more than half a block in, but they make you feel amazing? Chime in -- I'd love to hear -- Blundstones, Fryes, Manolos, or a good pair of gumboots, which boots make you feel you can walk seven leagues in one step?

And by the way, you might remember the post when I mentioned that my son's commitment to non-driving days inspired me to try walking to school two days a week. Well, this is the third week of classes, and I'm still walking. I'm not sure how well I'll do once we move into nastier weather, but one day, one step, at a time, right?


  1. those boots are great, and I'm sure you could get away with wearing them with leggings if you wanted!

  2. Hello, just wanted to say I love your Wednesday shoe spot. You have a very eclectic collection! As a stay-at-home mum, my shoes are sadly more practical, and not as numerous to boot (ouch!), but I'm hoping to change that. We've just moved to Budapest from Canada - and boy, do they love their shoe shops here! Can't remember how I found your blog, but will check in regularly in future. Patricia (P.S. Not sure what I'm checking in below for identity, it's all in Hungarian!)

  3. Bronwen: thanks -- still not sure about the leggings, but maybe . . .

    Patricia: welcome to my first European visitor! Perhaps you'll be starting a blog yourself about adventures of an ex-pat mom in Budapest. A feature on the shoe shops? I'd check that out! I know what you mean about that home-with-kids time of life. Been there, done that, and I certainly didn't do it with a wealth of shoes. But children do grow up, and one day . . . so meanwhile, you can dream and stare in those shoe shop windows . . . oh, and visit my shoe posts, right? Thanks for letting me know that someone's enjoying these. Hope you'll be back soon.

  4. Lovely boots! I really like that more rounded pointy toe. I have a pair of Ecco mary janes with that shape, and it's a nice change.

  5. Please can you tell me the brand and if you have it the name of this boot? I have a pair that I bought in Milan which look exactly like that but are very worn and I'd love to replace them.

  6. I'd be very surprised if you could buy this boot now -- they were a Browns store brand, bought at B2, a Browns shoe store on Robson Street in Vancouver. They do have an online shop ( so you could try there -- good luck! Don't you hate it when a favourite pair of shoes/boots wears out?!


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