Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My First-Day-Back-to-School Shoes this Wednesday

This is the pair of shoes that caught my eye in the shop on Rue St. Honoré in Paris last May -- I already showed you the other pair I bought at the same time, but these were the initial lure, the pair that helped me decide against buying the Louboutins.
They're by a designer much less known than Monsieur Louboutin, a designer named Stéphane Gontard, and, sadly, they lack the trademark sexy red sole of the Louboutin pumps.See, just plain black bottoms. But I love these shoes -- I love the shape and height of the heel, just enough lift to give my walk a bit of snap and attitude, but not so much that I can't walk for blocks. In fact, I wore these the day the hotel desk clerk gave me the wrong directions to the University in Saskatoon this spring. Turning right instead of left took me over the wrong bridge and added at least three kilometres to my walk -- took me over an hour to get there and I did end up with a blister, but still -- not bad for only a second or third wearing.
I also like that they're essentially a whimsical interpretation of a classic black Mary-Jane pump. They work really well with black leggings or with black tights (as I wore them today). I admit that they're close to being a bit overdone with the pinked leather strap and the close-to-comic long toe, but I think they manage to avoid being over-the-top. They make me smile, anyway, and that's important in a shoe. I wore them for confidence, attitude, and just sheer enjoyment on my first day back in front of the classroom today; they perfectly complemented a really great cobalt-blue cotton dress that I got from Biscote in Paris, Empire-styling, above-the-knee-but-not-too-short, with fabulous pockets. The outfit made me feel so good, in fact, that when one of the secretaries asked me if I was going winkle-picking, I just acknowledged that, yes, I guess I could with these shoes, hahaha. Not even a hint of a snarl.

As for classes today, they went well, but, as one of my colleagues said, "Surely they can't expect us to come back and do this again tomorrow!" It's such an abrupt change from the summer (un)schedule, but with the right shoes, I can do it, no?

AN explanation for why this My Shoes Wednesday post is dated Tuesday -- Because I have to catch a 7 a.m. ferry on Wednesdays, I pre-write the post on Tuesday, save it as a draft, then publish it Wednesday morning before I leave. Blogger seems to go with the date of the draft, and I can't find a way to change that.


  1. winkle-picking??! (I wish I knew the emoticon for eye rolling)

    I hope your first day back went well. I'm doing my best to put up with the insanity on the b-line to UBC but have to admit I kind of get a kick out of the students in their first week back.

  2. Yes! Being able to signal the eye roll would be very useful!
    I thought about your job as one that is affected by students -- even those of you who don't work directly with them in the library still have a huge change in work environment once they're back, to say nothing of the bus crowding. But they're pretty cute -- one young fellow was just standing staring hopefully at the door into my building and when I asked if I could help, he just shrugged and said "I'm so lost" -- we got him on his way, but even tho' they're supposedly grown, you sometimes just want to pat them on the head!

  3. The shoes are great. Confidence from the inside out, Ha! wrong it's
    from the shoe upward and outward, every woman knows that.
    hope the blog and your running don't suffer too much with your change in routine.

  4. The shoes make all the difference, don't they? If only one didn't have to break them in! Your shoes are wonderful and can help you sail through pointed comments from those who are just jealous. :)

  5. Those are so cool. I just love the toes!

    It's amazing the difference a single article of clothing can make to your whole outlook.

  6. yes hilary,parfait, deja -- whether it's shoes, a scarf, a great bag, or fabulous dress, clothes might not make the woman, but they can surely lend us attitude! And some days, that can make all the difference.


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