Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The moon sees the ones I long to see . . .

One of my favourite things about living where I do is getting to see the full moon shine on the water at night -- absolutely magical. The limited possible number of full moons here is further limited by our climate, so often overcast or rainy. But when it's clear and the moon is reflected back by the water, I like to turn off all the lights in the house just to sit and soak it up. Tonight I'm extra happy to see the full moon shining on the water because I'm thinking of the Chinese ESL students in my classes, especially one, a young man who shyly offered me a moon cake after class. He told me that today was the Autumn Moon Festival, and that back in China his family would be gathering to celebrate -- I asked if he was homesick and he nodded, yes, but he said that sharing out the cakes with a few people helped him share the festival with his family back home, and that he hoped I would be able to see the moon this evening.

So I'm going to turn the lights out now, right after I make a pot of green tea to drink with the cake. Hope you can see that moon as well, and if you've got your family nearby, be grateful!

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  1. Cupcakes and mooncakes, you certaintly are lucky!


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