Sunday, August 12, 2007

like my new hat?

Want to see my new hat? I bought it at the new Holt's store in Vancouver last week, with my daughter Megan's approval (she says it "opens up" my face). I wasn't seriously looking for a hat but just having fun on my own -- so many choices of great hats, and Holt's has quite a few of their own line, various shapes, felted wool, at very reasonable ($45-60) prices. This one was not reasonable by my standards altho' it came off pretty well compared to the $600 ones sitting next to it! But it's such a perfectly simple yet distinctive shape and a wonderfully comfortable weight. It's made in Italy by Grevi of rabbit felt (and this doesn't mean rabbits had to be killed for it anymore than they do for angora yarn). I did make an attempt to resist buying it -- at least, I asked the saleswoman to put it aside for me, but I did leave the store for several hours without it. Then I bumped into Megan on the street and, well, you know . . .

I'm not going to say how much it was -- obviously somewhere between $60 and $600, and much closer to the former -- but Megan and I both thought it was pretty hilarious that the saleswoman thought it was worth giving me her card. I mean, really, who carries around a card for their favourite hatseller (perhaps if she were actually a milliner. . .)

Anyway, there's my beautiful hat, and now here are my attempts to get a picture of myself wearing it. Paul always takes a while to make sure he's got the camera properly set, by which time my face has always frozen in some ridiculous expression, so I thought I'd try to experiment with just holding the camera at arm's length from myself. For me, at least, this is much harder than it looks, and I got many shots like this

and then quite a few more like this
and then I decided to give up on that and get Paul to take a few, but sure enough, there's that ridiculous expression again
so I thought if I were going to get caught looking ridiculous, I might as well have some fun (and actually get the hat in the picture -- I mean, that was the point, sweetie!)
But finally I managed this shot on my own, and I hope you agree this really is a perfect hat for me.

All these were taken shortly after we returned from paddling (kayaking) into town for our morning coffee and a Brioche Royale at Nanaimo's new French bakery/cafe. It's definitely getting cooler, but it was perfect weather for a paddle -- some light drizzle but very calm. I took advantage of having Paul with me to pick up (more than) a few groceries which we threw in the kayak hatch. Back home by 9:30 in time to cast on for a cabled vest I'm making in Rowan's Scottish Tweed. More on that project later.


    You are the prettiest mom ever.
    Don't you think that it is funny though, that you mentioned that no rabbits were harmed for your hat. booo hooo , do you forget what the daughter who helped you make a decision on that hat does for a living?

  2. well, you're just the best daughter! (don't tell your sisters I said that ;-0)
    I take your point about the rabbit thing, but hey, my point is that at least I'm not harming them!

  3. i like the 2nd to last photo best... look at those cheekbones!

  4. hey, you're trying to compete with your sister for "best daughter" -- might work too!

  5. Ooh, very cool hat! I love cloche hats like that, but here in Southern California, they're few and far between. It looks fabulous on you.


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