Wednesday, August 8, 2007

one more thing before I go

Before I go, I thought I'd show you the shoes I'm packing for hitting the city. After all, Manolo has "Whose Shoes Wednesday," so why can't I give you "My Shoes Wednesday." (And further dispel any environmental cred I might have had left after following yesterday's post with a reference to shopping at Holt Renfrew!)
I bought these shoes last summer after spotting my daughter wearing the black version. She said she didn't mind if I picked up a pair since our lives don't overlap too much and we weren't likely to end up at the same party with them. But when I got to Fluevog's set on a sensible-yet-sexy black pair, I saw they also had the shoes in red. Reader, I bought them! The bouncy Fluevog sole means they're reasonably comfortable for city walking. They're great with jeans, but they can also put a serious edge on a little black dress. I love wearing them with leggings and an Empire-waisted tunic, all in black, so the red really pops. And while Louboutins have those fabulously sexy red soles, Fluevogs always have fun messages, as you'll see below. The heart-shaped heel says "Choose Love" on its underside, while the pink heart under the foot itself says "To love or to hate, The choice is yours." And what's really cool is that they're homegrown. John Fluevog has attained international shoe fame (his shoes are regularly featured on Manolo's shoe blog) but the main store is still on Granville in Vancouver, where it's been for years and years. Way before that, there was Fox and Fluevog in Gastown.

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  1. wow, those shoes do photograph well! I love my black pair... they're the perfect mix of comfortable, sassy, fun, sexy... everything I love fluevogs for.


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