Thursday, July 19, 2007

road trip coming up

I've been up since 5 this morning 'cause instead of packing last night and cleaning up for the housesitters, I said "yes, of course" to my neighbours' last-minute invitation to dinner. They're great at putting together impromptu dinner parties and I wouldn't miss one (especially not for cleaning). Good food--last night a great curry and really wonderful blueberry-and-saskatoon-berry cobbler for dessert-- and good company with conversation covering arguments over the nonsense of carbon-offsetting to the illustration of forthcoming publications by one of said neighbours to canoeing on the Nahanni to travels in Japan and even the requisite island discourse on septic systems. A not-inconsiderable joy of the evening is that having begun with a glass of Scotch, and subsequently enjoying several glass of wine with my dinner, concerns over drinking and navigating our way home were easily resolved by lighting on the footpath -- no need to call a cab when you live next door to the best neighbours ever!

Anyway, I'm up to pack and clean 'cause I'm heading off for a few days, first to the big city and then tomorrow morning to head to the Okanagan for a wine tour. We're going to stay here on Saturday and Sunday night--I have high hopes, since it looks so great on the website, that if the weather is as poor as it is forecast to be, we have a comfortable place to hang out waiting out the rain. For Friday night, Paul thinks we can just wing it, find a place along the way. I've had so many people say, "Really, in the Okanagan in mid-July?" but he thinks I'm doing my usual over-worrying. He's probably right but I have to admit, if we end up sleeping in the car by the beach, the discomfort will be considerably lightened for me by the charms of being able to say, "I told you so"! (I know, I really am petty!)

So I probably won't post for a few days but when I do, I'll have lots to tell you and probably a few pictures as well. Have a good weekend!


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