Sunday, July 8, 2007

if this were a knitting blog . . .

toes, heels, ideally I should be building up to showing you all the socks I've knitted -- I counted them up mentally and I knit seven pairs last year, but gave away five without even photographing them. The pairs I kept for myself have been worn to a point where their portraits might testify to their comfort levels, but not to much else. Maybe this blog will spur me to keep better track of my finished objects (fo's, as knitting blog readers already know, but other prospective visitors might not).

but if I can't give you an FO, how about a WIP (work-in-progress)? If I try to keep this up, I'm going to have to work on my close-up photography skills (can you say "major learning curve"?), but meanwhile, this will give you an idea of the gorgeous colours I'm getting to play with right now. This is the Tulip cardigan from dream in color designs that I read about at the yarn harlot (scroll to her June 9th entry for gorgeous pics of multiple baby cardigans, finished). I phoned the harlot's LYS, Lettuce Knits, in Toronto, as soon as I read about these and altho' they were back-ordered, I got two kits in the mail only a few weeks later, started one a few days ago and will probably be done in another day or so (especially since my heel seems to be keeping me very close to home). No babies on the immediate horizon, but a stash of gifts is nice to have and a good excuse for fast, fun knitting.

speaking of fast fun . . . our house guests will be leaving us today just as the sunshine gives way to an overcast sky. We've had a great time together, I think, but I remember now just how much work kids can be and how loud they can be and how hungry they are all the time. I was really glad to have this guy home to help out and was amused to see how pleased he was with himself at entertaining these guys with a pretty devious scavenger hunt. Of course, the nephew is pretty devious himself, and he led his sisters to success and to the ultimate prize -- the classic gift my guy always brought our kids back from his many business trips: bubblelicious gum! Seems to have maintained its appeal, at least for the 6-year old set!
Anyway, everyone is still sleeping (at 8:27 a.m.!), but I'm sure that won't last much longer and I still want to finish yesterday's papers, so I'm out of here.


  1. hey,
    I am so envious of your time with Gaving and the twins!
    Is there a possibility of getting that patteren in a cardagin????

  2. it is a cardigan, altho' you can't tell from the photo -- but it's a baby size, so you're out of luck. It's cute, eh? I hope to have it finished by Wednesday so check back to see the finished version


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