Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday (yes, another one!)

I know you're all here 'cause I promised you more nudity, but today's my husband's birthday and he just wouldn't cooperate with the nude modelling request. So here he is fully clothed, my own little piece of Utopia (see the French graffiti behind Paul--clicking on the photo will enlarge it and make the graffiti very easy to read). This was taken very close to the Beauborg Centre (Pompidou) on our May 2006 trip to Paris, and it's one of my favourite photos for all sorts of reasons. First, you have to admit, he looks pretty good for a guy who won't see 50 again (and that's as specific as I should probably get -- the man deserves some privacy even as I post his photos on the net!). As well, for me this photo captures a bit of why we love our Paris trips -- the kilometres and kilometres of walking that we do on streets that aren't always tourist-shot perfect (this one's pretty grubby, isn't it?) but that yield surprising rewards: in this case, the great graffiti -- really, click to enlarge, totally worth it. The photo also suggests, in the green Arcus bag Paul carries, his tolerance for shopping, something I was lucky to find in a husband. Not that he wouldn't rather be doing this (as on our recent wine tour of the Okanagan)

but until he reaches his limit towards the end of a Paris week, he's willing to "lecher les vitrines" (window shop--literally, lick the windows-- and forgive the missing accent, that's beyond my Html skills for the moment) right alongside me.

Indeed, he's the perfect travel companion, for wine tours, walking the streets of Paris, and, happily, for a full life together (33 married years so far). Happy Birthday, Paul.

And one more Paris shot, just for balance. This photo obviously shows Paul's tolerance -- would you pose in front of this sign just to amuse your travel partner?

This particular sign is in the 13th arrondissement, but we passed several of them across the city when we were there in May this year. It's obviously part of a campaign to encourage Parisian dog owners to clean up after their pets, and it says, roughly "All the left feet should tell you, more and more owners are picking/cleaning up dog shit in Paris." I'm not sure how effective the campaign is -- we didn't notice the little-plastic-bags-tied-to-the-dog-leash that have become ubiquitous on the West Coast -- but the sign caught my attention anyway. "les crottes de chien" are regularly an issue on our little island--as with septic tank discussions (scroll down at this link for a scintillating paragraph on septic tanks), complaints about dogs inevitably arise at island parties and annual ratepayers' meetings.

Now I'm going to go and spend the day with my birthday boy. If you have time, read my preceding post on feedback, or even just vote in the poll at the top of the right sidebar. And be sure to come back soon to see a man who didn't mind posing nude for me. . .


  1. i have the world's most handsome dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD
    Love Megan

  2. I have one of those great husbands as well. We have taken back street walks around Paris, my favorite part of any trip really.
    33 years is great and I hope that we can achieve the same!!


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