Saturday, July 7, 2007

from toe to heel

okay, I can see that this coming up with a title each day could get a bit old, but it's practising what I preach to my students, so I suppose it's good for me.
Today's reference is to my Achilles problem -- I've been seeing a physio for a few months now and started feeling as if there was enough improvement to try running again. The first of the two half-marathons I ran last fall is coming up again in September and this is pretty much already past my last chance to start training for it. So I've been running between 35-45 minutes the last week, but just on a four minutes run, one minute walk pattern with a five-minute walk to warm up and to cool down. Doing my stretches. Icing several times a day. Then woke up this morning with a much more clearly defined hot spot on my heel. I was going to do a 45-minute run today, really looking forward to recovering the old routine of a good run on Saturday morning followed by breakfast and the papers. Damn! (And with that rather mild expletive, I see another whole problem in the blog, writing persona, public forum, question, but I'll bracket that for now . . .) So we'll stick to lots of stretches, lots of icing, and maybe a good walk morning and night today and try the run tomorrow.
And speaking of trying things, I'm going to see if I can put a photo up here to liven things up for my huge audience (that is not yet looking at my blog). My guy came home last night (he works in the big city during the week--we have an apartment there) and helped share the fun with the visiting kids. Here they are on the beach in front of our place--not only is the silhouetted-against-the sky look artistic, but it obscures identities somewhat which is good until I figure out who's looking, no? The kids were making inukshuks under big brother's direction

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