Monday, January 7, 2019

Sketch Journal -- Day In The Life aka Nana and Granddad Get Schooled . . .

We're on Day Three of our Four-Day Babysitting Gig, and it's at least as rewarding and as exhausting as we'd anticipated. From anytime after 5 A.M. right through until 8:30-ish P.M., the weekend demanded pretty constant attention, although at least we could spell each other off a bit, and we did manage to coordinate one of the little guy's nap with the big sister's quiet times. . . So I managed to start an entry in my Sketch Journal . . . and then finished it up this morning while he napped (she's in DayCare today and tomorrow -- much easier!)

And Granddad's taken The Crawler out in The Stroller, so that I could have time to post this. I'm having to give over more of the lifting than I like because my back is reminding me of That Time It Went Into Spasm (and I could barely move), and I never want to make it do that again. . . I suspect too much time at the keyboard isn't good for it either, so I'll just quickly transcribe what I've written (to save you from serious whiplash) and then I might get out in the sunshine as well. . .

Oh, the ideas this girl gets from Paw Patrol--and her brother is fascinated, determined to watch and learn.
Partners-in-crime -- she's letting him watch her make a trail of stickers on her bedroom floor. . . 
Then Meandering Around the Page: She's allowed to put stickers wherever she wants in her room but we peeled these [the ones I've stuck on the journal page] off the living-room floor, which has been beautifully refinished. . . But I have to admit it's fun to make trails -- with stickers and with words . . . 
BOTTOM LEFT, Blue Ink: We went for a bike and stroller adventure -- Made it almostall the way to Hillside before the MELT-DOWN!!!
But then we settled in for hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) and a hashbrown patty while Granddad picked up groceries across the street -- we left when Cohen got too fussy and by the time Granddad caught up, E was ready to ride her balance bike again.
RIGHT, BOTTOM, Red-Ink Inset:  Introduced Eloise to Shaun the Sheep (TV series, not the movie) and she loves it as much as her cousins -- Belly Laughs!!

Okay, that's it for now. Except to remind you that if you're looking for new books to read, I posted my list of Books Read in 2018 over here.


  1. Oh my! Love Eloise's antics and I'm sure Cohen is learning well. Childcare is exhausting. Do take care of that back!

    1. Thanks -- back seems to be mended, but still being cautious.

  2. They are so going to love reading these journals when they get older. <3

  3. The amount of energy it takes to keep up with a couple of toddlers taxes my current supply. My youngest son has a girl-3 yrs (beyond inquisitive) and a boy-17 months, with another due in April. I find I can't keep up with the two of them, so usually watch them individually or take one out to give mom a break. I have a permanent child safety seat in my car because I frequently pick up my daughter's 4 yr old from daycare. But funnily enough, if I bring that grandson over to visit to duo, it is actually easier to care for the three together because they keep each other so well entertained. They are very close cousins which is lovely to see.

    1. Three and 17 months -- that's busy!! Mobile in different directions!
      So true that sometimes an added child changes the dynamics enough that the care seems easier, and also true that it's gratifying to see cousins enjoy each other's company. (We've had a child's carseat in our car for 10 years now!! ;-) And I see another six years ahead. . .

  4. "It's fun to make trails" - isn't it? Your journal pages are a very beautiful and inspiring example.

  5. How that resonates, that line about it being "fun to make trails". Love this post and the trails you are making, as a grandparent, as a blogger, as a journalist, and the trails you share with us.


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