Friday, May 18, 2018

Transition Outfits-of-the-Day, Or, "Changing my Clout 'til May Is Out"

Honestly, the weather we're having now makes it hard to believe that two weeks ago, I wore a jacket (Smythe, almost 8 years old) over that upcycled old cashmere V-neck, jeans, and the favourite loafers that now seem too dark and will probably be consigned to the closet for a few months. . .
Can you believe I was even wrapping a cashmere scarf around my neck as well? I scarcely can . . . But I was no longer needing an overcoat, so this qualifies as transitional wear. . .
This outfit, more transitional as the weather warmed, I already showed you on Monday -- Note the bare legs!! A sure sign of change. . .

This next outfit is more of a stretch for me, but I'm trying to get the (J Crew) khakis I bought last spring more into rotation -- and I'm also trying to be more accepting of my middle, to be honest, and of my short waist. . .

I don't wear my jean jacket (Gap, from quite a few years back) often, but it's perfect for this change of season. Those Fluevog loafers are almost exhausted, but I doubt I'll toss them until they fall apart. . .
I was quite pleased with this outfit, which I wore to one of my watercolour classes. The graphic tee is one I bought in Paris last year at La Fée Maraboutée. It reads: "Fée ce qu'il te plait," a play on the French expression "Fais ce qu'il te plait," which means, roughly, "Do what pleases you." It also recalls a verse with the line, "En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait," advising that in May, you can wear what you like, switch to warmer-weather clothes. This is in contrast to "avril" in which "ne te decouvre pas un fil" -- you shouldn't take off a thread of clothing, roughly. Something like our English: "Change not a clout, till May is out." . . .
I'm wearing the T-shirt with a slightly-rumpled linen skirt (J Crew, a few years old), my Vince sneakers (like the Fluevog loafers, these are approaching dustbin time, but I'll wear them until my bare soles scratch the pavement through them . . .
I felt pretty bold adding that leopard-print belt (Michael Kors, over a decade old and delaminating, sadly -- thinking I'll take it to the cobbler's and see if they have a good glue that might give it a few more years life).  I like the way the small amount of print mixes it up with the graphic lettering of the T, and the way a belt always lends a bit more structure, polish even. I think the black of the cashmere sweater and of the shoes helps do the same (the structure and attempt at polish).
My curls, though. . . they are not convinced that structure and polish are the way to go . . .
As you read this, I'll be heading to Paris with Pater, a whole different wardrobe transition underway. One that involves a carry-on-only capsule of garments to get me through late May and most of June in three different countries. I've packed more linen than ever before, thanks to a pre-Birthday Shopping Spree at Eileen Fisher last week (a Big Birthday Gift from Pater), so watch for photos of Me in Wrinkled Clothes in front of Impressive Architecture. . . 


  1. At least linen is supposed to be wrinkled.
    Bon voyage!!

  2. Have a nice trip. Your hair look wonderful¡

  3. LOVE the leopard print belt - it lifts and brings together the whole outfit.

    Safe travels, and as smooth as possible with the journées de grêve. Will look forward to reading!

  4. The curls are perfect! (I refer to them as genius hair, like Einstein's). The khaki pants work wonderfully and the leopard belt with the black additions pulls that outfit together.

  5. Have a fabulous trip... rumpled or otherwise. I must take a page from your book and learn to accept my middle. Sigh. Not likely... but I can only try.

  6. Frances, you look great in every frame! And I, who spent hundred$ on perms, LOVE your curls!
    Yes...sigh...the middle. So today, I brought out my 20+ year old Gap denim overalls, added a BR white long-sleeve tee, rolled the cuffs up, and donned my Taos white slip on sneakers. My middle didn't bother me all day!!! LOL! I call the look...Granny Gap! I'm thankful to still fit in them!
    Have a fabulous time! Safe travels!
    Charlene H

  7. Love those outfits, especially the khakis!

  8. "All of the above". Love how you styled each outfit. Forced to make a choice, I'll pick number #1. Love your curls! Middle? What middle? You look gorgeous. Be safe and have a wonderful time! XX Amelia

  9. Love your outfits, comfortable and contemporary. Enjoy your travels and I hope the strikes aren't too much of a nuisance. Sometimes disruptions can be positive. Some years ago, instead of 5 hours transit at Londons Heathrow, we were rerouted to Athens and were able to spend an afternoon and evening in the city, an unexpected and delightful bonus.

  10. I think you've made my day - I was actually quite able to read the French sayings and I feel very smug about that, but the English one (specifically the word "clout") gave me pause! Since I live in northern California, where the weather has been leaping back and forth from sweaty summery to chill autumnal, it's fun to see how neatly you have been adapting to the weather and to your most beloved wardrobe elements (and I second your resolution to keep those shoes and sneakers as long as you possibly can - their loyalty deserves reward).

  11. As always, love your choice of outfits. The leopard belt is perfect.
    Really looking forward to updates of your travels.

  12. I love leopard almost as much as your daughter-so,I like how it goes with khaki as well.
    The khaki pants are very nice indeed and suits you great (despite your opinion). And your hair is,as our saying goes,"šlag on the cake" (or coffee :-))
    I usually like spring and transitional clothes,but lately I'm confused and have everything on the rotation (except winter coats)
    Agree with ToF about linen


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