Thursday, May 31, 2018

Postcard from Munich. . .

We have to check out of this room in twenty minutes, so just a very quick post.

First, let me extol the value of a loose linen jumpsuit in a dark-wash indigo. . . I wore this for about the 5th or 6th day sans washing on the train day here and I'm wearing it again as we get ready for the next train. Am I hearing a collective "EWWWW!"? All I can say in my defence is that because it merely skims the body, it doesn't pick up odors (no one's shying away from me visibly, at least, and I've been lucky not to have spilled anything on it (so far!). Yes, I'll be glad to give it a wash once we arrive at our next real stopping place, but meanwhile it's been ever so versatile, although it does need a bit more work in restrooms.

Don't worry -- I do change out of the jumpsuit occasionally. . .
Doing the wings thing below to show you the sleeve detail on my Vince linen tunic top. . . (worn with that J Crew linen skirt and my Birks)

 Want a close-up of those ruffles? Okay, here you go. And no, they really don't get in the way and they're not bulky or uncomfortable. Honestly, I like the top better with a slimmer bottom, but my options are limited with this carry-on-wardrobe.
But let's get me out of the hotel room, shall we? I'll quickly share these views of Munich with you, and then be on my way. . .
 A park  -- Alter Botanischer -- near our hotel. . . very tranquil, except for the resident population of apparently unemployed. . .

but the clock's ticking here, and I need to throw this computer back in my case and head out. I'll leave you with these postcard images and save my words for later. If you're interested in more of my impressions, I've been posting quite faithfully on Instagram (such an easier platform on the move).

 Beautiful, beautiful interior of Munich Cathedral, apparently more commonly known, locally at least, as Frauenkirche. . .

 Okay, running out the door now. Chat soon. Wish you were here. Thanks for all your lovely comments. . . . xo


  1. I'll comment the photos later-shortsighted me even read this (and choose right letters while writing) with dificulty on my phone, in full sunshine,while in the orchard
    I guess you are having great time (and weather) in Munich
    I can't imagine myself in a jumpsuit,but first fifty years of my life I didn't wear dresses (only skirts and pants with tops,suits or two piece dresses) -now dresses are my first choice-so maybe after next ten years.....
    Have a nice train travel

  2. I'll bet that jumpsuit is super comfortable. I looked for one this spring but no luck. Legs too long, body too short, proportions all wrong... me, not the jumpsuit:)
    We were in Munich years and years ago. On my very first trip abroad. I remember the street vendors and my first taste of some sort of delicious sausage that definitely wasn't a hot dog.

  3. I have never been to Germany and I must say it looks tempting. Points awarded for energy.

  4. I really like your jumpsuit. Loose linen works well for multiple wearings. Does your jumpsuit crinkle a lot? I'm learning to ignore the creases. I visited Munich 5 years ago and I found it a beautiful city. Enjoy your train trip!

  5. Oh happy post, happy photos! Looks like a good trip. Thank you.

    I've never been to Germany. Perhaps I must go. I think loose linen is wonderful for travel and multiple wearings.

  6. If you visit Munich again, I would recommend a visit to "Augustiner Biergarten" which is the oldest one in town. If the temperatures are so high as right now, it's much more pleasant to sit under chestnut trees.
    Try their famous "Steckerlfisch" or half a chicken with a fresh baked Brezn. If you're not so keen to drink beer, try a Weissbier which is called the Champagne of Beers.
    The location is in a walking distance of about 15 Minutes from the Hotel you stayed.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us. The minimalism of your jumpsuit matches that of the room (in a good way). I love the comfort of a jumpsuit but hesitate to wear it places where I might have a problem in the restroom (i.e. no porty johns!).


  8. I've been to Munich! In passing, on a whirlwind business trip. I remember that square. It seemed like history of a place that made stuff for people's daily lives, which felt homey to me in that moment. This adventure you're on looks like so much fun.

  9. Linen is a fabulpous choice for summer weight clothing...cute jumpsuit!

    I have not worn one since the mid 1970's...and definitely remember the restroom issues!

  10. I love it on you and linen is so comfy - but I'm far too "pisse-minute" to ever wear jumpsuits.


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