Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Page from My Travel Journal -- Portland

A page from my Portland travel journalling -- note my reference, top of page, to March 22nd, all over again. So strange, that I'd experienced the day before as March 22nd, made that entry in my journal, recognized it as my mother's birthday, wondered if that was what made me melancholy. Such a shock, looking at my phone screen the next day to see that it was "the real March 22nd." Still not sure how I did that, because I'd definitely known that Tuesday had been the 20th, my sister's birthday.
Note to self: Never underestimate the strange workings of the Unconscious. . .

In case you're curious about what I wrote, on the actual anniversary of my mother's birthday, I'll transcribe my tough-to-read handwriting for you. Centre left, at an angle, I've written: Stopped now for coffee -- at Barista -- mostly because I need to use a toilet. On the right: Walked up to Nob Hill again, this time in the rain. My destination: a lovely stitching-supplies shop In Stitches -- two tables full of women working on gorgeous needlework projects, talking and laughing. I would have loved to join them. Must find something like this at home.

Then vertically, from the bottom of the page upwards, on the left, On my way to meet Paul for lunch, walking a route through the Pearl District I happened upon Oblation, a very seductive shop beautifully stocked with papers and pens and ink. Ooh-la-la! Top of the list for a future visit.

Here are some photos I took of Oblation's storefront -- I went inside for a quick peek at their selection of fountain pens and ink. So hard to pull myself away, but Pater was waiting, my tummy was growling....

And finally, on a slant in that bottom right corner: Late dinner at Little Bird, again -- very good food with a date-like atmosphere. And those tiny espelette-honey macarons. Yum!!

Now that I've shared that journal page with you, it's almost time for my breakfast, but first, one more look at that wall I so admired in Portland, and below, an interpretation I painted of it while practising what I learned in that watercolour class last weekend.

I hope it's clear I wasn't trying to copy the wall, but mixing up the various yellows and brick and mortar colours was a good way to apply some of the principles I learned and to get more comfortable (not quite there yet!) with how much water and what size brush and. . . .

Once again, the process itself was the point, was absorbing and fun, and as for the product, it's a postcard size that I will now write a few words on the back of and send off to a friend. Perhaps she'll pin it to a bulletin board or stick it onto the fridge with a magnet for a few days, but by the time it reaches her it will already more than have served its purpose.

Oh, and by the way, I've forgotten to mention lately that I've posted recently on my reading blog -- if you're interested in finding some mysteries to read, check out my last two posts here.

Now for that breakfast. . . .

Comments about travel journals or creative efforts or wandering new-to-you cities or peering in shop windows or the way your travels inspire you to try new things at home. . . all welcome, as you must know.


  1. I really love your little yellow brick painting:).

  2. The Oblation Paper & Press storefront won't be out of place in Bordeaux or maybe Paris(?) IMHO. Really like the yellow wall. The composition of the bricks and yellow color appeals to me. I can see in my mind's hanging in a little alcove off of my front hall.

    1. Isn't that storefront great? Yes, France-worthy!

  3. It is a lovely postcard,I really like it

  4. I love your painting! It is amazing what can be done with colours, and you do it so well. Happy Easter!


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