Friday, September 29, 2017

A Garden Teaser For You

I'm hoping to resume my regular blogging routine next week, kicking off with another post in our Garden Visits series. I received the photos and wonderful accompanying narrative earlier this week from regular reader and commenter, Eleonore. Although I had intended to keep the week blog-free, I couldn't resist first downloading, then uploading photos and text, and arranging them in Blogger. And I almost couldn't resist sharing the post with you today. Delayed gratification, though. . . it's what the adults do, right? So I decided we'd wait until Monday -- with a little teaser this morning. . . .

Here's Eleonore, welcoming us to her garden. . . .
My garden is very small, only about 60 square meters.  But we can sit on the tiny terrace with a cup of tea 
 enjoy the view from the kitchen door 

(the lawn needs cutting!)

 or sit on the doorstep.  

In summer, I put my flower pots outside

 and on the flower bed in the right hand corner my Lavender Lassie climbing rose  and the perennials are coming back. 

Coming back from where, you ask. Wait and I’ll tell you. 

And if you come back on Monday morning, Eleonore will tell you the harrowing but ultimately heartwarming story of how she and her garden triumphed over . . . .well, no, I'd better let her tell you. . . . It's a great garden story, and there are more beautiful and inspiring photos. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. Meanwhile, Happy Weekend!


  1. Love that cozy spot for a cup of tea and am looking forward to learning more.

  2. Looking forward to this - it's a great idea for a series, and such lovely glimpses into a part of the lives of your community of readers.

  3. It is lovely! I'm looking forward to the Monday post and photos-such a great idea

  4. Gardens are very individual to the owner. For me, I am enjoying reading (author and painter) Vivian Swift's blog about gardens in France. You might enjoy her blog too. Her garden water color paintings are outstanding.


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