Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Announcing a Little (poetry) Project . . .

I'm having a crazy, lovely, busy day -- lunch with two sisters, dinner tonight with a daughter, and then a friend messaged this morning suggesting a meet-up for coffee. In between, I ducked into the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out a brilliant exhibition of Coast Salish artist Susan Point's work.

And I took a few minutes to put together a post over on my Reading Blog, something new I thought I'd experiment with there. There's a fuller explanation in this post, but the short version is that thanks to a Daily Challenge on Instagram to post examples of hand-lettering, coupled with my yearlong intention to spend more time with poetry, I've begun copying out poems by hand and really loving the process. Somehow, the next logical step seemed to be inviting my blogging community to engage with the text I've transcribed. If you're at all interested in reading and perhaps responding to the poem I've chosen, pop over here and check out the project. The more the merrier!

And if you're sure poetry's not your thing, I'll be back soon with a peek at a new space I'm happy with in our new home. . .

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go rest up between the lunch with my sisters and the dinner with my daughter. Life's exhausting when you're retired! 


  1. Yes,especially socializing-and it brings a lot of calories indeed :-)

    1. Thanks, Dottoressa -- it was rather a fun day!

  2. Just popped over & read the prose/tone-poem. Lovely!
    Sounds as if your days are now filled with delightful visits and family and musings on things you enjoy.

    1. I so appreciate you taking the time to come back here and tell me this, ID. And yes, some very good days at the moment, very good....

  3. Once a teacher, always a teacher. I love being on the receiving end, for a change. Will try to find time to comment on the poem over the weekend.
    This morning I passed my favourite feminist bookshop and looked at all the announcements of theater, recitals, concerts etc. in my neighbourhood alone that were pinned to the door. Dreamt of the days I may be able to just pick one or two events and go there rather spontaneously.
    (I also entered to ask what they intended to do with a lovely collage with which they had decorated a window full of books on flight and migration. It is a large photograph of a wooden fence with a little crack in it, and stuck on top another photograph - torn in half - of a bunch of keys. It is all there: the walls and borders, the hope for a crack in the wall, the home which you may never return to - but you take the keys along all the same.... They said they will give it to me when they do not need it any more. Feels like an unespected present...)

    1. Ah, you know it! And I miss the chances to chat about poetry (that poor captive audience in front of me ;-)
      I love this anecdote you've shared -- not only the wonderful image of the photograph, the bookstore's display, but the image of you going in to ask about it, and then how wonderful that they're happy to give it to you afterwards. An unexpected gift indeed. And who deserves it more?


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