Friday, August 5, 2016

A Year Ago . . . Moving and Flowering. . . .

 I'm on a blogging break right now, but I couldn't resist leaving these for you to look at while I'm away. Both photos were taken near Granville Island the last week of July, and both reminded me of our life back on the island, and made me think about why we'd made the move to the city.

No point denying that the orange wheelbarrow reminds me of many happy days on our island, as it was so often pressed into service to cart home our guests' baggage as well as to provision many happy meals together. And sometimes it even got pressed into service as a baby splash pool!

 Of course, though, when a wheelbarrow is your main method of transporting goods, the commuting complement to a bike, the logistics are far less picturesque come autumn rainstorms and winter ice. And as much as we loved island life for the 20+ years we lived it, we've known for the last few years that a move would be inevitable. Last August, as I wrote here, it was the sight of white Rose of Sharon (hibiscus syriacus) in full, glorious late-summer bloom, that prompted me to push the Start button on the moving process.

So when I spotted this shrub in full bloom the other day, I couldn't help but be swamped by a wave or two of emotions, mixed yes, but dominated by a sense of achievement at what we've done in the time it takes a small tree to show off its blooms, drop them, let its leaves turn colour and fall, suffer the winter cold and wind and rain and snow with only its bark as protection, and then, later than most of the other shrubs and trees in the garden, deck itself out with leaves again, throw forth a plethora of buds, and finally, once again, glory in its floral raiment. . . .
Now I'm curious about where I'll be and what state I'll be in when I spot these blooms a year from now.  One thing at a time, though, so I'll be pausing during this blogging break to pat myself and Pater on the back for having survived the year of this big move -- and perhaps even done some flowering ourselves .

As I said earlier, I'll be happily reading your comments from time to time, but I'm trying hard to resist responding during my break for fear of defeating the whole purpose of the blog vacation. But we'll chat soon, okay?


  1. Congratulations to you and Pater on flowering! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy your time away.

  2. Frances, I am astounded by what you have accomplished in less than a year. I've been on a sort of parallel track, having filed for divorce just over a year ago, and finally come to a settlement last week, including signing over my ownership of the house I'd lived in for 20 years, and raised my sons in. My sons and I moved out to a rental a few months ago, and we will be moving to another city within a year. My younger son will start college in a few weeks. Many changes for both of us (including your retirement, illness of a child, etc.) but we should both have achieved a new normal by the time that shrub blooms again!

  3. Isn't it interesting how the passage of nature, flowering plants etc punctuates our lives. Love it! Amazing what you have achieved in a year. No doubt you will not know yourself this time next year. Hopefully settled in your lovely new hone without the irksome problems of island life. Hope you are having a good break and recharging those batteries. B x

  4. Bravi, for both of you! You did it well-YOU did it well,dealing with so many stressors!
    This time next year,you'll be watching hibiscus in its glory on your patio (or drinking coffee in Rome or Zagreb-I have Hibiscus,too :-)you know!). You'll be happy and proud,peacefully thinking how good were your decisions,with a little nostalgia for the past!
    You'll be very busy,involved in the city life,learning Japanese,preparing your first exibition (couldn't see clearly-photos,paintings.....)....planning menus for your regularly sunday brunches with your children,preparing lectures for some kind "of whole life learning university"-or how you call it there-drinking Rosé while Pater prepares dinner.....
    Enjoy your break!

  5. I love the way you express your thoughts. So beautiful. Wishing you well as you move into your new home during this blogging sabbatical.

  6. I love the way you express your thoughts. So beautiful. Wishing you well as you move into your new home during this blogging sabbatical.

  7. It is amazing what each year may bring! There are happy moments but there are also times that develop and test our resilience. Some flowers bloom well under adverse conditions. It's great to have the summer to adjust to city living but each season in Vancouver does have opportunities. I just got notice of signup procedure for this year's Vancouver Writers' Festival. A year passes so quickly and can bring so much change. Enjoy your break!

  8. A year can pass so quickly and be so packed with all kinds of life events. The pink hibiscus by our front door is one of the elements that sold me on our home which we have will have been in for two years this September. The hibiscus is blooming beautifully, that is when it is not providing dessert for the deer who wait until it is in full glory and then denude it! Brenda

  9. There is a white hibiscus in my lakeside garden, still very small, but flowering bravely every year. My sister planted it and I never gave it much attention. I'm going to look at it in a different way from now on.
    I loved the future scenario that Dottoressa sketched out for you, only I'd throw in some music as well.


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