Friday, August 28, 2015

Five Things Friday

1. Thank-you cards from 6-year olds are the best! Pulling from the mailbox an envelope addressed in Going-into-Grade-2 printing lifts the corners of my mouth instantly. Knowing that I raised a daughter who sends thank-you cards and that she is now raising her own to do the same? Well, that feels pretty fine as well!

2. Another daughter is starting her daughter on the route to eventual Thank You notes; at least, they're working on the alphabet right now and I think you might just enjoy this 15-second clip she posted on Instagram yesterday. Hear what she says in response to her mom's "Oh Man, Good Job!" . . . Pretty cute, this Nana says . . .

3. Rain. Finally, we have rain here. In fact, it looks as if we will have rain for most of the next week and it's going to be heavy enough that there is likely going to be some associated damage. But for now, for today at least, you won't hear a peep of complaint. What a lovely, lovely relief. Must find my umbrella....

4. But no matter how much I'd like to stay dry inside and listen to rain hitting the skylights, I'm going out to Vote. I rarely talk politics here, but I have to say that we desperately need a change of government here in Canada, and since we'll be away when the federal election happens, I'm heading to the Electoral Office today to cast my ballot and make my teeny tiny difference.

5. And one What I Wore just for your Five Things Friday entertainment. I wore this on my Mini Road Trip the other day for a baby snuggle and lunch with a friend. It was a good day!
 And yes, the hem on the jean skirt (Brand: Mother, I love its length, faded-just-right-ness, its slim line -- although it's tough to get on a bike with!) is deliberately frayed. I'll probably chop that distracting thread off though. . .
 J Crew tee, I love the metallic golden elephant and so did Miss Eloise -- she kept trying to nosh on it, in fact! Bompard cardi, bought about 4 years ago in Paris. It was cool enough the other morning to make this a welcome, even necessary, addition to the outfit. . .

And here's a close-up of the new hair do -- the curls are getting closer to what I want them to be. . .

I'm pretty much packed now, although with this colder turn in our own weather, I'm beginning to second-guess whether I have enough warmer pieces. . . Oh well, if I have to pick up a new cashmere sweater at Bompard, so be it . . . Big sigh!

The next few days will be devoted to readying things for the housesitter, picking up items here, dropping other items off there, but mostly, I'll be trying to spend some time with family before we leave. I expect posting will be very light until we arrive in Bordeaux at the end of next week, but I'll be reading your comments, even if I won't always answer them as quickly as normal.  I'll probably be posting to Instagram often though -- it's so easy! That's the column on the right, at the top, if you don't follow me on Instagram itself.

Have a good weekend! 


  1. Nola's card make me smile,too,I think we have similar spelling skills.
    The instagram clip can't find.
    I'm ashamed,but have to investigate politics and government in Canada.
    Have a nice trip to Bordeaux! As for cardigans,my friend says "You don't go to a library with a book"! So......... I like Eric Bompard very much,very,very much! Too much for my own good and purse :-)

    1. (hmmm, I hope the Instagram isn't only open to Meg's followers -- I can get to it easily).
      I like your friend's expression! I'm being careful of purchases now I'm retired, but my favourite navy v-neck pullover (Bompard) has felted somewhat over the last four or so years, and it really needs to be replaced,
      so it would make sense to pick one up while there

  2. I love the lightness that your shorter hair brings to your look.
    Oh yes. The election. Sigh. I do not know yet which way to vote, but I'll definitely be out there in October.
    Bordeaux will be so lovely at this time of year (from what I've read). Bon voyage!

    1. I must admit, Lorrie, I'll be glad to be away over this tediously long campaign, all the horrid advertising. Got my ballot in yesterday and feel good about doing that.

  3. Well, enjoy. Packing up for a holiday when everyone else is going back to school! Lovely rain! Civic duty done!
    If I fly over Bordeaux on my way to Rhodes, I will give you a wave as you enjoy the delicious wine and fish. Bonnes vacances!

    1. It's going to be rather nice, I must say. Had dinner the other night with a friend who's working on her Thomas Hardy syllabus for next week's start of classes. I think I did a very good job of being sympathetic, very little visible gloating . . . ;-) Enjoy Rhodes -- we haven't got to Greece yet. #mustberemedied

  4. Back when I got my curly hair cut (for the last few years it just grows and grows....) it used to take a few weeks to get its new curl pattern established after each cut. Yours looks like it is settling in beautifully!

    Enjoy your trip, such a nice long one!


  5. Five comments...albeit a few days late.
    1. So cute.
    2. Also cute.
    3. You guys really needed that didn't you.
    4. Good for you. Every vote counts, Especially this time.
    5. Love the new "do"...short curls are so... Trixie Belden!
    Have a fab time in Europe. I'll be following on Instagram!

    1. Trixie Belden -- what an accolade! ;-)

  6. I always like it when children learn to be thoughtful. Don't you think that it is an attitude of love and consideration that we need to teach in our families? Nola seems an especially thoughtful little girl. You inspired me and I made an appointment at Curly Hair Vancouver to get a shorter curly cut. It will change how my grey/white looks. Your hair will be great for your trip. We really do need a change of government. In Richmond, where I have lived for over 50 years, we are experiencing racial hostilities mostly due to a lack of affordable housing. Without affordable housing, a policy to deal with the ageing population's needs, and a childcare program that allows young families to thrive, we are going to have serious problems in the near future. Good luck with your preparations. Did you watch Rita?

    1. I agree with you -- good manners are simply an extension of thoughtfulness, and I'm really happy to see both developed.
      Looking forward to seeing your short cut -- I don't know Curly Hair, but it's good to know there's a place devoted just to our tribe!
      I don't know Richmond well, but I'm always disturbed when I hear someone with a long history in that city start talking about how race has affected housing -- so much kindness and generosity and thoughtfulness flies right out the window! Haven't watched Rita yet, but we're really enjoying Dicte.

  7. Whee, you're off! And you always take us with you so beautifully. Cannot wait to hear and see, Have the best time ever!


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