Thursday, April 9, 2015

Instant Tranquility, Honest . . .

I wasn't going to post here this morning, thinking I'd leave you with my Cauliflower Soup until tomorrow (!), but I've been playing around with Instagram ever since I got my new iPhone a few weeks ago. . . and I posted this little video this morning -- with sound! waves! birds singing!

I know many of you are not on Instagram but might still like 30 seconds of tranquility during your day, so I thought I'd share here. This will deepen your breathing and slow your pulse. You're welcome! ;-) Enjoy!


  1. Zen like calm overwhelms me. Not sure what is best - water, sun or birdsong.

  2. How lovely! Just what I needed today, 30 seconds of calm. Thank you.

  3. Perfect. Calm water, bird singing, nothing better... thank you (:

  4. Yes, that was tranquil. Thank you!


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