Sunday, January 11, 2015

Barking Cold! They'd Rather Be in California?

I've ramped up my commitment (and work) on the long-promised post about our tour of a wine estate in Puglia last June. I'm determined to finish and post it this week, but meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy this photo of a group of sea lions just at the outer ring of our little bay yesterday. We were woken by their barking, and I'm still not sure what kind of conference or convention had been called. But after about two hours of off-and-on noisy discussion and perhaps an argument or two, they got into this huddle.
 I'm afraid that's the best my camera lens can do (I keep saying I really need a zoom lens, but I'm not getting one until I learn to use more capably what I already have). But you can "embiggen" it for a slightly better view, just by clicking on it, or you can take a peek at the sealions at Aquarium of the Pacific -- that link offers interesting information about just why these guys are sticking their fins out of the water (and they're likely all males -- after mating season, California sea lions head up our way, returning south just in time to supervise the obstetrics ward). Thermoregulation!

 Personally, I prefer my woodstove, but whatever works. . . .

And if that's not enough to entertain you while I write up that long-delayed post, I've been looking back a year, and I'm still pleased with what I did in this post on my Childhood HairStyle. It was also a piece that involved procrastination, one that followed a series of posts, each trying to answer a question but sometimes seeming stuck in Zeno's paradox. . . At any rate, if you haven't read these posts, are looking for additional diversion, and have ever thought about the links between hair and personality, I'm delighted to share last year's thoughts with you.

Meanwhile, that wine tour post isn't going to write itself (apparently, although I've been waiting for months for that to happen).

Happy Thermoregulation -- hope you're as cozy as our sea lions!


  1. Excellent FaunaWatch! I like the waving fins.

  2. I'm cozy under my new heating pad. It's sad how much I love this thing. Even made it a special cover - the one it came with is horrendous.

  3. Toasty here in the car waiting for the ferry. Of course all that lovely hear will soon seep away and I'll be left with a cold seat and steamy windows by the time the boat loads.
    I can imagine the noise of the sea lions and how it could wake I w doe sleep. Better than police sirens any day!

  4. I went back and read the "hair post". It's weird since I have been grey and curly, strange women stop me and ask if it is natural. I was sixer of the fairies long ago and Daughter was Rainbow Owl to a Brownie pack.The sea lions are quite amazing. We have heard them off the Oregon Coast. Sea lions, hair and personality…Quite a leap.

  5. We took a long walk in the grey mist this afternoon and now I'm cozy by the fire with a few friendly candles glowing. Great photos of the sea lions - I can imagine how noisy a herd of them would be.

  6. We have been entertained but the sound of mallard ducks and Canada geese on the river all fall. They come in the hundreds to feed on the nearby corn fields and spend the night on the water in front of our house. The geese coming in to land at dusk is quite stunning to watch (and hear) they don't all run into each other, I'll never know. The ducks we just plain love. They QUACK and quack at each other in the darkness...sounding like squabbling old married couples. We love them. They're all gone the river is frozen over. Phew...we can finally hear ourselves think! Hope you have a good week.

  7. It's so warm here this winter, we are all shocked. And dry! We need rain desperately. Those Sea Lions make quite a spectacle of themselves down here. They laze about on the docks at Pier 39 and bark their fool heads off. The tourists love it.


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