Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What I Wore, *Faux Sure . . .

Last fall's purchase of a faux fur vest (Banana Republic) turns out to be perfect for this transitional time of year.  Somewhere, somewhere, I saw a post on wearing a fur vest over a white shirt and jeans (I meant to link to the idea-inspiring post, but now, of course, can't find it!).

So I tried it the combo (mine is Gap long-sleeved cotton shirt, sleeves rolled; Denham jeans; Vince shoes, and Banana Republic vest).

Quite like this combo, and it's comfortable to wear, warm enough to cool October mornings.
Liked it enough, in fact, that I decided maybe I should try to smile for the photo in the mirror. . . . I
I did try. Honest. . . .

You might be amused to know that one of my students told me he liked my vest. He told me this right before he began writing his midterm. The comment won't influence his mark, whatever he may or may not have hoped.

Also perhaps amusing: the skipper of our little passenger ferry asked me if it was. . . . and just raised his eyebrows, intimating the possibility of the fur being real. And I answered in the positive, emphatically. Yes. It was. I meant, Yes, definitely fake, of course. But rumours about my expensive fur vest may be flying, right now. Couldn't have fooled any of you, of course.

There you go, then. One quick and dirty post. What I wore. Best I can do this Tuesday evening. Hope you're all well. . . .

*Bad pun inspired by Miss Cavendish, although hers, of course, are always much better.


  1. I'm liking that styling of your vest very much.

  2. Oops cut myself off...was writing how much I like your vest- it's witty.

    Was once accosted in a hotel elevator for wearing a fur coat (fake leopard, it was the '80s). I told the self righteous (and quite aggressive) teenaged boy who harangued me that if he wanted to be an activist he would be best off if he learned to tell real from fake.

  3. Oh, I love the pun, and the vest too!

  4. Liking this look, and the pun.


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