Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Summons: Peschici Church Bell

 Last Sunday, you might remember, I wanted to share a video of the bell ringing its call to worship just above and beyond our rooftop terrace as we sat adjusting to Peschici's stunningly blue skies. I was thwarted by technology then, and had to resort to angels, but I tried again this week, back on home ground with my PC. . .
et voilà. . . . Church Bells Ringing. . . .
and ringing. . . .
and ringing. . .
How does Pater keep on reading?
Hope you enjoy! Happy Sunday!


  1. Peschici looks like such a beautiful spot! I really enjoy church bells in Europe. It seems that they are personal invitation to come and participate at the church.

  2. Wow - that is some serious ringing! And did I hear a little hirondelle at the end??

  3. Madame: This bell's invitation was definitely up close and personal!
    K: The hirondelle was there, yes. I tried another video of their swooping and screeching, but they're a bit hard to catch. ;-)

  4. Pater's concentration is admirable. Church bells are such a great tradition and invitation. So glad the video worked this week.


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