Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Things Friday

Yes, it's that time again! I wasn't sure I could come up with Five Things again so soon, but life is full of little wonders that really are worth a second look,don't you know?
Before we start cataloguing today's little wonders, though, a shout-out to any tech-savvy Bloggers who might help me understand the disappearance of the "You may also like" widget that happily appeared at the bottom of each post -- for months, if not years -- and directed readers to earlier, related posts. More importantly, do you have any advice on where I can find/how I can install a replacement. Blogger has been changing lately, in funny incremental ways, and I've lost other widgets just as suddenly (Twitter's doesn't work on Blogger anymore, nor does my Flickr seem to). But I'd thought this last, the "You may also like," was a Blogger widget originally, although I might be mis-remembering.
Any help would be much appreciated.

And now for the tour of the little delights of my week:

1. I made a simple pilaf, and then sprinkled it with pomegranate seeds, which you already know I love for their juicy beauty and seasonal exoticism. I followed this recipe which I'd pinned when I came home with the first fall pomegranate a few weeks ago.

 2. This beautiful creation was lying, rain-sodden, on the ground beside my bike one morning, I brought it into the house and dried it by the woodstove. Could you buy a more beautiful sculpture? (Well, okay, perhaps, but this is astonishing, nonetheless for its geometric art, no?)

Here's a close-up. Mesmerizing, isn't it?

3. Despite Nature delivering sculpture almost to my doorstep, I could critique what she does with November. It can be, um, just a bit gloomy. That gloom sent me to my Memory File of photographs. Somehow, wandering through that file, these ardoises made me smile, remembering a rather idiosyncratic restaurant we like to have lunch at when we're in Paris. We discovered it serendipitously 6 or 7 years ago and try to get there each visit. The worker's lunch draws lawyers, bureaucrats, plaster-dust-covered tradesmen, and shopping girlfriends in equal hungry measure, and the owner, whom you can almost see in the photographs above the menu boards, serves everyone with a genial speed well worth watching.  I'm smiling again, transported to Rue de Grenelle. . . .

4. Homeland. If you've watched, or are watching this, I need say no more. You know what I mean. If you're not, you want to, really. I'm already anticipating the letdown, I must admit, of getting to the end of this
gripping story. Characters I cared about by the end of the first episode. Plot twists that make it hard to stop at one episode per evening. You'll see. . .

5. I finally implemented an inspiring idea I saw several weeks ago on Cup of Jo's blog. She's posted gorgeous photos of some wonderful combinations for stove-top simmering.  Only do this, though, if you don't mind your house smelling absolutely fabulous!!

I adapted her idea and made up this combination of natural scents: lime, cinnamon stick, and a scattering of cloves. . . .
Cover with enough water to simmer. And set it on a stove burner on Low. Or, if you've got a wood stove burning, you can do what I've just done and pop your Scent-in-a-Saucepot right on top of your fire. . . .
 How comforting is this scene when skies are glowering at us? Pretty darn comforting, I have to tell you. . . .
Why not put together your own little pot of scent-therapy? And let me know what fabulous combination you came up with.

And while you're at it, you could tell me what you're up to this weekend. 'cause it's started now, you know. . .


  1. Looks so cozy with your woodstove aglow. It's a stormy day down here and I have no immediate plans for the weekend. Perhaps I'll get my nose into my novel and cocoon by the fire.

    1. A cocooning weekend -- that's a good plan! Enjoy. . .

  2. I bought pomegranate seeds in Tucson after dreaming about spinach salad on the cruise ship. They are a wonderful, healthy addition to so many dishes. We started watching Homeland and I must admit I get to be a greedy television watcher because the suspense is so great. I never know what will happen next!

    1. Curious. . . can you buy the seeds separately? I got mine by taking apart the whole fruit. . . . Homeland is truly addictive, isn't it? So far, I generally try to ration to one episode per night, but . . . .

    2. I bought mine here but I think that you can buy them at home. The company is pomwonderful. It's a lot more handy and they have a website with recipes on it. I just used baby spinach and arugula with pomegranate arils and a bit of blue cheese for my salad.

  3. I so enjoy these posts, your array of delights small and large. Makes me wish we were at a table together, in front of a fire!

    1. Thanks for saying that! I'm pleased by these as well -- really reminds me of my dad's spirit of gratitude, although he's been gone too long.
      As for that table . . . . someday, again!

  4. Oh, that woodstove.... And the scent along with it must be holiday-awesome.


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