Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Re-Solution

I first posted this New Year's wish back in 2008 and I've linked back to it at least once since. But it seems an idea worth reinforcing, so I'm posting it as a way to remind myself, at the beginning of 2013, to appreciate what I have:

wishing, wanting, having

I wish . . .

Je désire . . .
to want what I have . . .
A colleague shared this, one of his primary resolutions for 2008, with me, and I think it's worth adopting. May this be the year I learn to want what I have, even more than I do now, and to appreciate how very lucky I am.
And in case you're interested, the photo above is one I took in May 2005 of an art installation in Paris's Jardins du Luxembourg at the fountain commemorating Eugène Delacroix. I believe the artist is Isabella Paga (formerly Valla-Paga),


  1. I like this resolution - and the Parisian photo - & can see why you've used it more than once. It's quite easy to take people/situations for granted, so I'm going to try to 'want what I have' a bit more in 2013. Happy New Year!

  2. I like this a lot! In essence, my budgeting goal is designed to get me to think a bit more carefully about adding more material things to my collection right now.

  3. That is a great Re-solution!


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