Friday, January 18, 2013

Dancing through Life

Having been in bed most of yesterday with some pestilence (wracking cough, fever, aches), I'm dragging myself to campus today and hoping I can make it through the 5 hours I'm needed there.

So I don't feel much like dancing -- even in Paris, where these adjoining works of street art are doing their "So You Think You Can Dance" thing in such very different styles. . . .as different as black and white, one might say . . . The stenciled words marching down the right say that "Music Softens the Walls". . . and I feel I need something to soften mine, right now. We've had some bad news about my mother's health, and I'm feeling quite sad about it.

But she is being well cared for, and my family is rallying -- as they/we do (I'm so proud of my family, so happy with my siblings and their loved ones).

An incongruent picture, perhaps, for a choppy and awkward and negative posting, but I suppose this is me, today, so I'll let it stay. We carry on, don't we. . . .  I'm hoping next post will be more positive, a collection of the little things that are lifting my spirits, but sadness and sicknesses are part of life's richness as well.

Bon weekend à tous


  1. I hope the five hours go as quickly as possible. Feel better soon!

  2. well said, mater .. "sadness and sicknesses are (most definitely part) of life's richness .. it's the balance thing .. thinking about you ..

  3. Thinking of you and sending thoughts of goodness and wellness. I hope the sadness and sickness disappear.

  4. Feel better soon!
    it's sweeping our school too and they have had news stories in the paper and on TV.
    Maybe you can lay low this weekend?

  5. I hope you'll soon be on your way home to find that special part of balance that is collapsing into cosy blankets with a mug of something hot.
    Life seems to become more and more complicated as it grows richer - children and grandchildren and the freedom to travel balanced against work responsibilities and aging parents.........just wave - I'm in a boat very similar to yours, waving and nodding in empathy.

    1. Seem to keep exchanging these observations with you and noting the resonance. . .

  6. Hi Mater, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope that you get through the day ok and that you get over your illness enough to go visit her soon.

  7. I'm sorry you're not feeling well on top of processing some bad news. Take good care of yourself.

  8. Life is definitely a mixed drink of sorrow and joy. I hope that you are home, cozy, and feeling better. Family that pulls together is a wonderful gift.

  9. Oh dear, dear ma. Blows strike with so much more intensity when we are already feeling low. You have a close and caring family so I'm hoping that is a comfort to both you and your mother.

  10. Oh no...I'm so sorry to hear you've been felled by this beast. I hope you can rest over the weekend. Possibly catch up on some knitting?
    Wishing you healing thoughts.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear that you are ill on top of dealing with bad news about your mother's health. I hope you at least got through those hours on campus and are able to take some time this weekend to just rest. Take care.

  12. Thanks so much to all of you -- I'd comment individually but I'm being a bit lazy this weekend and trying to guard my strength. xoxo to all of you

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