Sunday, September 9, 2012

Harvest Time in the Garden . . .

A bit of foreshadowing -- red hiding among the green foliage on the Scarlet Runner climbing the teepee frame in our back garden.

On the back deck, a row of tomato plants looking discouragingly, unremittingly, green.

But look a bit more closely . . .

 Aha! There it is! I left it ripening when I headed to the city for the weekend, fretting over the possibility that the raccoons might nosh on it before I got back.
 But perhaps they've decided to respect the boundaries of our garden (ha!). Or perhaps they just took pity after seeing the carnage the deer inflicted on some of the pots in the front.

Whatever their reasons, I have this beautiful treat all to myself. I debated for a second or two the possibility of saving it for Pater who doesn't get back here 'til Wednesday (and who planted all the veggies grown in our garden this year so, you know, only fair . . . ).
 But he can have some of the crisp and succulent beans that continue to festoon their twig-sculpture home out the back.
Isn't this a cheery plant? So pretty, and it feeds us as well!

Coming up this week:
The bride, as promised
At least one WhatIWore post
Thoughts on Running post 50
And other sundry items to be discovered . . .

So bring it on, Monday. I'm almost ready for you. . . . And by the way, I'm so pleased to have a number of new commenters recently, and even a few new Followers. You probably don't realize what an encouraging difference it makes to know that someone reads and thinks about what I'm writing. Thank you so much!


  1. The verdant lushness of your garden has me green with envy! Everything's looking a bit sad and withered round these parts.

    1. But you could have had these tomatoes ripe weeks (months?) ago with all your heat and sunshine. Always a tradeoff!

  2. Oh what a juicy looking tomato, I love the smell of fresh garden grown tomatoes.
    Looking forward to the planned posts mater!

    1. Me too! I love the smell of the stems and leaves especially!
      And it was tooooo delicious, so sweet.

  3. Yay to home grown food! This season, on our condo patio, we grew peas, beans, tomatoes, and beans.

    1. I'm so impressed (with some Mama pride) that you've done this. Now maybe it's time to invite the old folks for a meal of your homegrown veggies. . . ;-)

  4. Pretty. I miss having a garden, and yet I am also glad to not have the responsibility yet, as it would just add another layer of guilt.

    In the meantime, I love it when you post garden photos.

    1. I'd have so much guilt if Paul hadn't retired and become willing, keen in fact, to devote time to the garden. Now the problem is trying to steer him subtly to follow my vision rather than imposing his own -- and trying to learn to tolerate his in a few wee spots . . . ;-)


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