Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Pretty . . .

 I have to admit I was tempted to stay inside all day yesterday, enjoying the pretty snow views from the comfort of my armchair.
 But I finally roused myself and got outside with my camera in the late afternoon (after a nap -- love to grab an afternoon nap when the opportunity presents itself!).
 Garden details draw attention to themselves
 Intricate botanical sculptures outlined with snow's extravagant strokes
 Fascinating and seductive . . .
 Delicate structures invite . . .
 insist on a closer examination. . .
 classic colour combinations seem like brilliant revelations. . .
Clichés repeat the secret of their success . . .

Oh, and I'm not done yet. . . There are many more photos from that afternoon walk and I may subject you to share some with you tomorrow. Got some pretty snow where you are? Or so much you're weary of it by now? Or not enough, or none at all? I'll be honest and say I'm counting on rain taking ours away in time for my Saturday run, Sunday at the outside. What's the weather situation where you are?


  1. What positively lovely photos! You are so lucky to have all that beautiful snow. I live in Sonoma County - north of San Francisco - we have not had rain for weeks and weeks until today. I missed it so.

    As far as snow is concerned, I will just have to live vicariously through you and your photos.

  2. I'm still enthralled by snow, having only lived in it for three (light) winters. Those pictures are magical to me.

    We're having a rather dry January, but do have some rain in the forecast for Saturday.

  3. Love the photos - the second one is my favourite, with those great splashes of colour. We have lots of snow, but no snow days yet! P.

  4. We're finally getting rain. I could go for some snow, and a picturesque garden like yours, right about now.

  5. Adrienne, Pseu, Lisa: You have no idea how odd, foreign, a rain-free month seems to me. . . Admittedly, we do occasionally have that in August, but from October through June, it's rare for us to go a week without rain!
    Patricia: Of course, you're much less likely than we are to ever get snow days. We have so much less snow equipment here AND we have hills to deal with, plus temperatures that play havoc by dancing back and forth across the freezing point so that snow melts and then ices and melts and ices -- roads and sidewalks are vertical skating rinks.


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