Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Happenings

During term, when my reading and writing energies are primarily directed otherwise, I often despair of finding time to post. And since getting hooked on Twitter earlier this summer, I often wish I could keep in touch with my blogging community in as few words as I do there -- 140 characters max. Not only is the brevity appealing, but I appreciate Twitter for not requiring me to make my various observations cohere. No integrating narrative necessary. Random insights accepted.

If I could do that in this space, I could tell you that

Today 3 sea lions began barking in raucous harmony not 75 metres from our front door. We have no idea why, but turns out Paul watched/heard them do the same thing yesterday. Both days, it began about 11 am, happened in sporadic 5 to 15-minute bursts for a few hours, then today, the 3 were joined half an hour ago by another 3 or 4 for an even noisier chorus. Magical mystery!

We have enjoyed astonishing and dramatic conversations between the full moon, an assembly of clouds, and a moodily reflective night-black sea over the past few evenings.

My run today incorporated 560+ stairs which warmed me up quite nicely against the hovering-around-zero temps. I'm hoping to fit in the weekend long run (between 16-20 kilometres scheduled for this week) tomorrow morning. We're bracing for a possible snowfall in the next few days and I'm hoping it won't interfere with training for an upcoming Half Marathon I'm running with my sisters.

I've spent much of today writing a review of an anthology of literary criticism. The review is for a scholarly press and it's due on Monday. All the reading's been done, and much of the thinking, and now I have 612 of max. 700 words done, in a Word file. Given that I still have 200 words of content I want to deliver, tomorrow will involve considerably cutting, swearing, and gnashing of teeth.

I started a new knitting project -- a man's vest striped with gorgeous Noro Silk Garden. To immediately answer Kristen's anticipated question, no I haven't finished my dress, but I need some mindless stocking stitch knitting to work on while we watch Sons of Anarchy. And, tonight, Grimm. Anyone else watching either of those?

And if that's not enough Random for you, or if you're feeling peeved that there's no visual component to this post, how about a very cute litte girl wearing fake glasses?

And now, having closed my Word file, composed a Very Random blog post, it's time to pour a glass of red and let the weekend begin. Has yours started yet?


  1. I can't believe you have sea lions!! And what a gorgeous girl. So cute in glasses. I just started my weekend with friends out at dinner. Friends, alas, are on the "Duckan Diet"?! Heard of it? Talk about sucking the fun out of life. Let's just say it was a fun, if austere, event.

  2. Adorable little girl. I should take a page from your book, on the spontaneous posting. I have, however, taken a page on from the book on the glass of red. Happy Weekend!

  3. I love the expression on her face. Be sure to tell us if you figure out what is causing the sea lions to bark! I'm intrigued. Best of luck with the article.

  4. Just sitting down to read blogs now....after the dinner party, dishes done, sipping a very late glass of wine.

    Weekend is about to start with a sleep in...
    she's adorable and those glasses suit her!

    Brevity in blogland sounds challenging.

    Happy weekend to you and yours.

  5. How wonderful to hear a chorus of sea lions. What a treat. We had a beautiful buck bed down in our back yard about a week ago. We live in town, so it too was a "magical mystery." Happy weekend.

  6. What a cutie pie, she looks like a really happy little girl.

    Good luck with your deadline!

  7. Kristin: She doesn't wear glasses herself, but one of my daughters had left a plain-glass fun pair around and we had to try them out -- she thinks they're hilarious! And yes, the sealions were pretty exciting. As for the austerity meal, not cool, not cool at all. . .
    Lisa: You too!
    Terri: Such a rich life outside of our ken . . who knows what those creatures are doing underwater. . .
    Lesley: As I told Kristin (above), little girl doesn't wear glasses -- but she'd look cute if she had to.
    Blue Jeans Girl: I wonder what that buck was thinking of . . .
    Susan T: Thank you.

  8. Can hardly believe she has grown into this merry little girl! I envy your discipline, your knitting skills and your breathtaking landscapes, but most of all, having N. for a granddaughter!

  9. Kathleen, you know that anytime I post N. photos I'm thinking of you . . .

  10. Sea Lions! How marvelous. And that little sweetie looks fabulous in her pretend glasses.


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