Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pathways to Perspective . . .

Generally, I'm a fairly busy, disciplined, and productive sort although I tend to accuse myself regularly of laziness (that's a long story, going back, as they do, to my childhood: eldest daughter of large family). I comment here regularly about how busy I am/feel during term when there's always something else to mark or to read or to write. . .

But I do know how to grab sanity in the small moments. In between the weightier, more literary reads, I often have a mystery escape on the go. Above, my Kobo Vox screen features Val McDermid's Trick of the Dark which I disappeared into for the duration of ferry crossings twice daily last week. And even added an extra session before classes one day, topping it with the complementary treats of pastry (that's a Brioche with custard & fruit -- mmmm!) and great coffee. . .

Pausing to let the surrounding beauty permeate my spirit, slow my breathing, and expand my perspective is another pathway to contentment. . .

And family, of course, especially in this wee package

 As I remember, it was an important business call . . .

Ah yes, again I feel the stresses of the upcoming week recede . . .

What about you? What's keeping you balanced, content, sane?


  1. My man, in all honesty, home from his travels and quite adorable.

  2. Ditto. My man.

    Nola is so cute making that business call!

  3. My husband and our cat Pepper...and some quiet moments of reflection while walking outside in the neighbourhood.

  4. I knew there was a reason I decided to take a break from class prep to catch up on your blog!

    Things that keep me sane: running, making dinner with M. on the evenings I don't teach late and eating it together, watching my dog act like a crazy fool, and episodes of favorite shows on Netflix.

  5. Well, I use the term "sane" loosely :-) Being a sensualist, I have so many chances to enjoy small things: food and drink (especially), movement, sun (when it happens) and using my mind to do creative things. Life is very busy, but there are so many opportunities to enjoy.

    PS: I love your pics.

  6. Being in nature (and viewing your pictures is almost as good), DH and dear dogs, old and new friends, a good book, a good movie and good cup of coffee.

  7. Reading to my grandson helps slow my pace.

  8. It was such a beautiful morning on Saturday I actually wanted to walk the dog; sadly I had to be elsewhere and hoped I could achieve the same frosty morning walk on Sunday. Sadly Leyla hijacked the peace, but like you no matter how much I have to do, I always make sure I have a few brief moments to myself, just to breathe.
    The cute conference call reminds me of my girls who whilst my mother worked liked nothing better than sitting at the receptionists desk and playing at 'office' give a child a wheelie chair, a phone and keyboard and they are in heaven!
    Glad you liked the paintings, they look better online, or maybe I just needed to put some distance between me and they.

  9. Taking moments of time to escape from duty are what keeps me sane. Reading (I'm currently on a very light diet of Kate Morton), walking, and conversations with my husband would be on my list. Oh, and time with my adorable 13 month old granddaughter. I love watching her interact with her environment.

    I like the way you pegged me as a process knitter - great description. Perhaps if I improve I'll enjoy the product more.

  10. Walking, cycling, being outdoors keep me sane. Though the landscape in London isn't quite as scenic as yours!

  11. (My comments are not posting- ?) My balancing strategies are the same as yours (and I can always justify a custard brioche!), plus and especially, yoga. Though after years of classes I still can't sit in the position formerly called virasana, which I shall now call Nolasana.

  12. Seems that our partners play a large part in keeping us sane! Cats, dogs, Netflix -- we haven't subscribed yet, but DVDs, which I didn't mention in my post, definitely help me chill. . . And so many of us list running, walking, cycling, yoga. . . Good food and wine as avenues to enjoying our sensuality. Creating by sewing, knitting, writing, blogging. Reading -- to ourselves and to our little people (How is it that I get calmed, rather than irritated, by being asked to read a Children's Book for the 7th time in a weekend?!) And those little people themselves. The outdoors, whether we're out in it or just looking at it onscreen or through a window. And it doesn't have to be an open/rural vista -- TNMA makes me envious when she talks about wandering London's cityscapes. I can lose myself and my stresses in a city's distractions.
    Thanks, all of you, for reminding me of what's important, and how to chill. Let's aim at a copacetic week ahead!

  13. And Duchesse, thanks for naming a yoga position after my granddaughter. We're honoured! ;-)

  14. How do you like your Kobo Reader? Did you look at any of the other ereaders?

  15. Kathy, I have both an early Kobo (non-touch-screen) Reader AND the Kobo Vox (the Tablet). I love the lightness of the first-gen although the pad for manipulating pages, etc. isn't as lovable. The Vox is a bit heavier but still easy to pop in a bag. . . doesn't seem to stay charged as long. Handy to have e-mail, web functions, etc.
    As for other ereaders, I have an idiosyncratic nationalism, inconsistent, that had my sticking with the Kobo from the start even though Chapters/Indigo is pretty big box -- now Kobo's on its own, still with a big Canada component in my understanding. Mostly, though, I got mine because my daughter wanted one for Christmas 2010 and I picked up what she wanted. . . then followed suit for myself


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