Thursday, January 26, 2012

January? Paris the Thought . . .

More Paris graffiti and mural art because, well, it's still January and I think daydreaming about a Paris May will help me get through winter here . . . and if I can help you do the same, well here I am!
Above, an amusing but pointed Belleville mural found near this cluster of fairly aggressive graffiti. The French says, roughly, about the "frogs" . . . "Because they are born free and equal" . . . seeming to allude, sarcastically, to rights of citizenship.

Sticking to a politics of fun, our umbrella man, seen previously here and here
cycles a tightrope across the side of a building.
Moving back toward central Paris, we found a building adorned with poetry, an ode to Vowels
Click to enlarge and piece the poem together
and if you click on these, and turn your head sideways,
you can read the artist's signature. . .

This little stencilled fellow, whose like in various places delights the observant eye, is peeling away. Soon, perhaps, just his feet and legs will be left, perhaps a portion of his wig . . .
No worries, though, because there are reassuring rainbows to distract us from the loss . . .
(Can you imagine what it's like for poor Pater, travelling with me? We stop so often on our walks, and he waits patiently as I fumble for my camera!)
But how can one resist? This gorgeous relief flower and leaves, for example, enhancing the less obvious mural that grows above it, tulips stretching to the blue sky.
By now, if you're curious about our route, we've moved all the way over to the 2nd, where Rue Montmartre and Rue Reaumur intersect.
Let's end our tour with some music, shall we?
Ah, that feels better. Just what I needed to boost my January morning. And when I look outside, that morning has spiffed itself up quite nicely. The sun is shining, illuminating the snow on the Coastal Mountains across the Strait from us, sealions are playing some sort of game (frankly, it looks curiously like Ring Around the Rosy) in our little bay, and I have a very cool guest speaker coming to my class today. Looking good! And the weekend's almost here. . .

What about you? Are you weathering January alright? Did that hit of Paris help at all?


  1. Love the pun in your title! You've captured some really spectacular graffiti there. I remember on our first trip to Paris, seeing that even the scaffolding and blinds covering up a building under renovation had been very intentionally decorated. It almost seems as if Parisians feel that art and beauty (however one perceives it) are their birthright, and enhancing their surroundings is as natural as breathing.

  2. I have been evading the Januaries by pricing tickets to San Antonio to meet my new niece and to Madrid for several weeks of research when the semester is over. I enjoy your Parisian posts.

  3. I love the notion of poetry applied to the sides of buildings...there's nothing like it in my neck of the woods.

  4. When my camera appears it is always met with a groan! I have tried not to, but I just love recording just so I can look back, which I frequently do.
    I have survived January simply because I’m having to work very hard, and because I have already been to some great events, February is shaping up to be brilliant. Expensive, but brilliant.
    I can tell you a secret because no one will find me here. I have booked a day return to Paris in April, a Fiftieth birthday present to myself! I really want to go to the revamped d'Orsay and look at some Manet's, I am really quite excited.
    As for the graffiti, nothing a lick of white paint wouldn’t sort out!!!

  5. Ha, Paris the thought, you are so clever. I love the expression on that guy's face in the first photo.

  6. Pseu: Thanks for noticing -- it's an attempt at Miss Cavendish humour. And yes, I think Paris immerses its inhabitants and lucky visitors in art so that they have a ready repertoire for expression. Even I, with my humble camera, feel like an artist just pointing and shooting. So gratifying!
    Raquelita: I was in San Antonio for a conference once and would happily go back. Such a pretty city! And a new niece to cuddle is a def. January gloom-buster. Being able to justify a trip to Madrid as research -- icing on the cake!
    Terri: I know! My neck neither, so I'm envious.
    Alison: You are cheeky--white paint indeed. Yet I know you're a fan of graffiti. You can suss out your own faves in April then -- what a great self-treat!
    Susan: Yes, I think he's supposed to look like a frog. . . a little Frenchie joke. . .


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