Sunday, January 22, 2012

Island Tour, Snowy Days, Almost Done . . .

The snow is completely gone here, save the much-diminished clumps representing an attempt at snowman-making. Yesterday, there was just enough on the roads to have welded the rain in an icy grip that caught me as I tried to run, brought me to the ground with a thump. I hobbled back home for ice in a more controllable form, the icepack.  I'm trying again today, daring to power my way through winds already howling and predicted to get into the 60-80kmh range. Weather!

But I have a last few shots of Wednesday's late afternoon walk around the island's winter prettiness. I love the way certain colours stand out against the snow -- this green metal roof against the house's deep barn red.
And simple architectural lines gain strength, as in this deck and its stairs, through the snow's bold emphasis.
I'd never before noticed that this evergreen had been trimmed to mimic the house's triangular upper.
And you know I can't resist Herm├Ęs orange -- finding Paris in the unlikeliest places!
You can see the dusk is falling now, there's one of our few island "streetlights" winking on to the right in the photo above, and my camera shutter has to stay open longer to capture a non-flash image, introducing some blur into these. . .
Still, I love this evocative photo, an invitation and a barring all at once, a challenge . . .
 And these last two, far too much blur, but I couldn't resist posting these -- this Dad had hurried home after work, taking advantage of the day's last light to give his small daughter (the blur of pink on the sled below) a few runs down Snowball Hill . . .
Clearly, we've wrung the pleasures from a few inches of snow. We're back to normal now, rain and wind, bluster and muddy roads, grey skies and stormy seas. Ah well, as we say on the West Coast, as least we don't have to shovel it . . . .

Coming up: Having spent so much time wandering around the island with me this week, you've got a quick trip to Paris coming up soon -- I decided it was time to switch focus and show you how cosmopolitan Mater can be. Watch this space!


  1. I LOVE these pics! It's great to see someone else's environment...

  2. I love your determination! And the dad with his little pink sled cargo, of course.

  3. Your photos are lovely...very difficult to run on ICE...take care!
    We finally have a blanket of white here in New England and it is lovely,
    albeit a tad chilly this morn...14 F.

  4. I was amazed to look out the window on Friday morning and see green grass where snow had lain on Thursday night. The rain and wind cleaned it all up quickly.

    And today is wild! Such wind! A good day to stay indoors.

  5. Well, I was enjoying the snow tour, but don't mind traveling to Paris, can't wait to see what you dish up.

  6. I look forward to seeing your cosmopolitan side. Previously, I had always thought you and your partner lived on this island alone, so imagine my surprise to realize that you share it with others.

  7. As always your island looks achingly idyllic, how you get anything done surrounded by so much to look at I will never know. We have not had snow this year, the long range forecast can't decide between mild and wet or bitterly cold with snow, right now I am happy with the former, but these photographs are lovely.

  8. Pulling a child on a sled was always one of my favourite activities; hope I get to do it again.

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  10. Such lovely snowy photos! We've had freezing rain and snow which has made for ugly running and driving weather. It is pretty to look at from a window, though.

  11. K: It's fun to peek over the fence, isn't it?
    And Lisa, yes, I could have guessed you'd like the sled photo . . .
    Pavlova: I ended up strapping on my Yaktraks which worked really well to protect against slipping!
    Lesley: Then let's catch that plane!
    Lorrie: It's been a real weather ride, hasn't it?!
    Susan T: Your own trip is getting closer and closer. . .
    Terri: It's small, but not quite a solo deal -- the "inner circumference" -- that is, the road I do that circles the island, is about 4 Kilometres. There are 150-200 homes here now, some just summer places but most year-round.
    Alison: We were trapped here by winds yesterday (only one ferry crossing the whole day, whereas it's usually hourly), so not quite so idyllic, but it's got its moments, for sure.
    Duchesse: We have winters where it never happens so when it does, everyone makes the most of it -- I hope you do, too.
    Raquelita: Yes, personally, I prefer it from inside and I'm happy we don't get too much of it. Every once in a while, though, it is pretty.


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