Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I wasn't going to bother posting again today, but somehow came across last year's New Year's post which featured the sea, sky, and boats right in front of our place. A bit earlier today, I'd Tweeted this photo above, taken today, of some energetic outrigger paddlers starting the year out right. And I thought it might be fun to begin a new tradition (although whether I remember this next New Year's remains to be seen!), so I can compare New Year's seascape shots here from year to year. Obviously, it's cloudier today than it was last New Year's -- wonder what it will be like next year. . . 

And posting today allows me to maintain another blogging tradition  -- my New Year's reference to this 2008 New Year's post, a wish inspired by a colleague that we all might resolve to Want what we Have! It still seems quite eminently sensible and worthy a goal to me (and perhaps you won't be surprised to know that I managed to work Paris in). Happy 2012!


  1. Happy New Year, dear blogging friend! I love the symbolism of your post and the fact that you managed to work in Paris (though for me it would be Madrid).

  2. It is a good blessing...and thank you for the reminder.

  3. The Sea! The Sea!

    A good reminder of how lucky we are and how much we take what we have for granted.

  4. Raquelita -- we're really hoping to get to Barcelona this year, so same country, at least. . .
    Terri: Blessing-counting is so important at New Year's, I think.
    Mardel: Do you know Tim Wynne-Joynes' Zoom at Sea? A wonderful children's book with an exultant cry something like yours above. You and Owen might like it.


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