Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spirit of Christmas, Present . . .

I am doing so much better, Christmas spirit-wise!
Well, let's see. It began with my wonderful hair stylist who spiked my cut-and-colour appointment with her wonderful festive tea and who then wrapped me in a dryer-warmed faux-fur throw to sit and sip it in luxurious comfort as my colour soaked.

Then I hit a few shops, independent ones in our very own small downtown, so that I felt good about my spending.  I found the perfect gift for one daughter, at least it's perfect in my imagination at the moment and if it fits her as I imagine, she should be delighted (yes, I know there are all kinds of ways those expectations could go wrong, but for now I'm living in them, happily, as one does before Christmas).

I found one of those perfect gifts for myself that one does when Christmas shopping -- or is that only selfish me? Whoops! A French bulldog of some impressive faux-silver heft, his back and front ends separated to form gorgeous book-ends. I'll snap some pics later so you can admire my new pet.

I listened to Michael Bublé's Christmas album while marking on Friday, She and Him's on my run yesterday, and I just may pull out all the stops and throw on some Boney M later this morning.

And I got to "don some gay apparel" yesterday afternoon to make merry at a friend's open house. Plus Pater snapped a few photos of me before we headed out, so I'll have them to show you in tomorrow's Visible Monday post.

And this afternoon we're catching the ferry (yes, again!!) to head to Vancouver. I'll have some sparkly duds in my case for a dinner with my brothers/sisters in-law, so more Christmas spirit, and I'll be packing some gifts to hand out as well. In other words, I'm doing my best to spread the season out beyond one feverish and overwrought day. I'm there, people, I'm in the Christmas spirit (might have something to do with having finally finished my marking and filed my grades).
What about you? Enjoying the season already or still fretting about overly long to-do lists? Or a bit of both, perhaps?


  1. You are full of holiday spirit! Isn't having a great hairdresser the best?

    I am feeling both festive and stressed. I have not wrapped even one present. And still have shopping left to do. But I know everything will get done in time - there is still a week left.

    I love that ferry ride. I used to spend lots of time in Vancouver. It's one of my favorite places on earth. Such natural beauty - and great shopping, too. Love Robson street.

    Have a wonderful time!


  2. Mater you sound happy!
    Having one's hair done is definitely a perk that we all need every so often. Pampering goes a long way and your hairdresser sounds fabulous! Tea and a wrap sound impressive.

    Having your marking done must be a relief too.
    Sounds like you are having some fun shopping and getting dressed up for the festivities.

    Happy Christmas and all the Best for the New Year!


  3. All my best-beloveds have arrived. Christmas music on the laptop. And your last photo somehow summed it all up. I'm going to put it as my screensaver. Happy and Merry to you, Paul, and all your babies big and little.

  4. So happy to hear the holiday spirit has embraced you!

    I'm getting there, bit by bit. We watched the boat parade last night, and today we're having a family brunch at uncle/aunt's house. But best of all, my sister is coming to visit next weekend! I've already laid in the provisions for G&T's... ;-)

  5. What's in that tea? (I'll have what she's having!) Today, we had an impromptu brunch with son who lives here and two of his friends since daycare, who took the bus to Mtl for the weekend. Fun to see familiar faces, and everyone in a holiday mood. Glad your big work push is over, and sounds like a good run of fun coming up!

  6. Yay - you got your spark back! We finally have a tree up, with some new baubles - it's all systems go! P.

  7. Adrienne: Yes, festive and stressed is probably a fair description of life around here as well, but it's a good stress now, productive and manageable.
    Glad you like our city -- we were wandering down Robson Street yesterday and it's a bit crazy with the Christmas crowds but I still love it!
    Lesley: She's a real gem, and I let her know it often!
    I know you're enjoying the Christmas preparations with your family already -- hope those renovations don't make it too complicated for you to have a Merry Christmas as well.
    Lisa: Sounds lovely! Enjoy every minute with your family, as I know you will. All the Christmas best to you and yours from Paul and I.
    Sue: See? That's truly the spirit of the season you've been caught up in -- looking forward to visits with loved ones! Sounds funny to hear of G&Ts at Christmas -- I suspect that's a California thing. Here, they're mainly reserved for summer heat and winter for the "darker" or warmer drinks. Enjoy yours!

  8. Duchesse: I love those visits with the kids'longtime friends -- and how special that they made the trip all the way from Toronto to spend time with you! The tea was Pear & Green Tea spike with Amarula -- I think you'd like it!
    Patricia: Happy to hear your spirit rose to the Christmas occasion and the trees been bedecked with new ornaments. Merry Christmas!


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