Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marking's for the Birds, What I Wore . . .

 Last Thursday, I lugged home three sections of first-year papers, and then I spent the weekend marking as many as I could per day without utterly locking up parts of my body intended for movement.
 Then Monday evening, I taught the last class of the term and received another stack. I'm currently halfway through the total, excepting the inevitable stragglers, and have another 40-ish papers to grade. I can't resist giving far too much feedback on each paper, and can't manage many more than 10 or 12 a day. I move from my office desk to the kitchen table to my big leather club chair and, a recent innovation, to lean against the curve of my grand piano, standing to mark on its expansive lid. Standing seems a welcome corrective to the hamstring-shortening torture of chair-sitting.
 Just as I sense an end to the marking, though, I have to interrupt it to attend meetings. Faculty meetings, Department meetings, Faculty Association meetings, committee meetings, Aargh!

But we look for comfort around here at the Materfamilias abode, and I found some last week in the form of a new pair of Bedhead cotton flannel pjs. A local store has begun carrying these and while on the hunt for some retail therapy, I spied a Sale rack with a 40% markdown. And look at this Ornithological (the birds!) Christmas print (the red and green!) print. I love it, and I suspect Nola will delight in it as well.
So I'll be marking in cozy comfort and sporting a festively avian vibe. Tempted to wear these to some of my meetings this week, but I'll restrict them to marking-at-home use only.

What's keeping you sane, happy, and comfortable during December's gathering craziness? Any hints?


  1. Oh I LOVE those! I love BedHead designs and have one of their cotton flannel bathrobes. They had a store open for a while not far from me (believe they are an LA based company) but it wasn't in an area with a lot of foot traffic, so didn't make it. But they do make Superior Sleepwear!

    I think I'd be so overwhelmed with that amount of marking and required feedback. You're probably smart to move around and shift locations/positions frequently during the process.

  2. Is there anything better in this world than flannel pjs? Yours are very pretty.

    I admire you taking time to provide copious feedback on the papers. I had a few professors do that during college and I know I am better writer as a result.

    The holiday season is always crazy for us, but we enjoy the festivities and it doesn't last long, so we stay pretty sane and comfortable. For the most part :).

  3. Gorgeous PJs!

    Right now, nothing is keeping me sane or comfortable, but I'm hanging onto the thought of flying off on holidays in five days time ... Only a miracle will get me through what has to be done by then. Your horror marking load makes me realise I'm not the only one :)

  4. This is so funny, Mater, but I got the same pajammas for my birthday next week (the big 6-0) and they came in the mail today. I love the bird print and will enjoy them a lot. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  5. Why, I'm supposed to be grading RIGHT NOW. (And I'm wearing sweat pants with a big ole' hole in the crotch. You are MUCH more stylish!) Now, forgive me as I look for 10,000 other things to do online, instead.

  6. Fun, comfortable pyjamas are a great way to mark in comfort.

    I always appreciated professors who made extensive remarks on papers - I learned a lot from them.

    You're getting it done and that's the important thing. I read somewhere that Winston Churchill did all his writing while standing at his elevated desk. So you're in good company at the piano.

  7. Those pj's look ever so cozy...
    marking must be much easier when wearing them.
    I can see you with a mug of hot cocoa gazing out at the moonlight and stars at your picture window...

  8. Pseu: I remember you telling me when I posted once before about Bedheads that you had a store nearby -- at the time, I thought that made a visit to LA an even better idea (although you'd still be the biggest attraction there!)
    Susan T: Sounds as if you have a sane approach -- it's good to remember that while the season can be intense, it is finite. Soon enough, we'll be quiet again and catching up on our winter's sleep.
    Tiffany: You too, eh? But at least with a holiday ahead -- where are you off to?
    Marguerite: Seriously? What a coincidence! Did you order them online? Or are you lucky enough (as am I) to have a local stockist?
    Anne @ FF: Yes, there's something about marking that brings out the procrastinator in us all . . .
    Lorrie: Me and Winston, I love it! I wonder if he was similarly protecting his back from cramping up.
    Lesley: In fact, with this cold spell settling in, I'm thinking hot cocoa would be perfect. . .

  9. I love changing into a pair of fleece PJ bottoms when I get in. I even walk the dog in them, they are so comfy the moment they go on I relax a little and start to breathe again. I know what you mean about marking, I often stand up but even that can hurt after a while. I have to confess what keeps me going at the moment is the endless theatre trips!

  10. I ordered directly from Bedhead's website. I'm sure someone in Houston carries the brand. Nevertheless, they will be wrapped under the tree!

  11. Those are just adorable. I can imagine them playing a large role in grandmother mythology. My sister, whose husband is Jewish, wears a pair covered in bagels and coffee cups:).

  12. What a cheery, comforting and entirely snuggly pair of pjs! Hope they drain some of the tedium from the task,

  13. These pj's are so cozy and welcoming - now I don't want to go to work! Love the print. I hope you enjoy them, and the day ahead.

  14. Awww! I love the birds!! Those are just lovely!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment! OXO Natalie

  15. Alison: I've been known to stroll out in mine as well, under cover of darkness, of course.
    Marguerite: And as soon as you unwrap them, they're all yours to lounge in Christmas morning!
    Lisa: Nana mythology, I love it!
    Duchesse: Thanks, they're all that!
    Patti: It's true, they're much more conducive to lounging than working! But sometimes they let me do the latter while feeling as if I'm doing the former!
    Natalie: So sweet of you to return the visit, thanks!


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