Thursday, December 29, 2011

And Another One Catches the Knitting Bug . . .

I'm getting to the end of my favourite Christmas images, even as we begin to near the end of the leftovers in the fridge. Turkey sandwiches, roast pork curries, ham cubed up for pasta sauces . . . these are beginning to yield to stock simmering on the stove, and lentils, kale, beets, and turnips are starting to replace candied yams on the table. The tree is still up, but boxes and wrapping paper have been broken down, crumpled up, and hauled to town for recycling. I've started prepping course outlines and writing up lectures for next week's classes.

But there's still time for reading freely; there are still a few chocolates to nibble while reading (and beautiful cheeses to spread on savoury crackers); and instead of designing new assignments, I devoted much of today to overcoming the challenge I've had shaping the armholes and readying myself to knit up the yoke of this great dress (mine will be a black-white tweed). I'm so grateful I've got fabulous support at my Local Yarn Store (Mad About Ewe) -- thanks Lynette!

As I struggle with a pattern's momentary complexities, anticipating the pleasure of wearing something I made, I'm smiling to think of Daughter #3 taking one step closer to the rabbithole of a true knitting addiction. Last year she made a scarf in the few minutes she could find between studying for her RMT certification. Then last month she told me she'd like to make socks. Okay, that's a bit of a leap, missy! But a fabulous cowl would be a satisfying step toward that goal -- it's got her confidently moving between knit and purl stitches, and she can now understand circular knitting so that the double-points won't be bewildering. I can't wait to see her wearing the cowl -- I anticipate a big smile of pride accessorizing the garment. . .

And instead of knitting Christmas surprises for her in the future, I can enjoy picking out the yarns and patterns, then sitting back and watching her do the work. Plus a Massage Therapist with a good solid understanding of a knitter's problems? Sounds good to me!


  1. What a proud mum you are! I love that raindrops dress. Awesome design. I can see how that one would be challenging to modify. It will totally suit you though. The shape is great for you!

  2. I would LOVE to learn how to knit!!

  3. Oooh, I'm so envious of you wonderful knitters but don't have time to learn or room for any more stash. But I do love the idea of a more portable hobby than sewing:-) Happy New Year!

  4. K: I really am a proud mum (and proud of it!). And I'm not modifying the dress, just trying to cope with the directions, which have some dressmaker precision (R&L sleeves are different, for example!)lots of short rows, way too much thinking (although there's also lots of mindless . . .)
    Kristin: Here, grab a couple of needles and some yarn, sit right down and . . .
    Jane M: I know! One can only juggle so many stash-building hobbies at a time (or should only, anyway. Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. Who knew that knitting causes muscle problems? I'd love to see a pic of her in the finished cowl. My classes don't begin until Jan. 17...and I'm delaying all prep work until the 3rd...

  6. Yes! Another one gets the fibre bug! I bet even the wee one could learn to knit very soon.
    Best wishes for the New Year.

    Liz H-K

  7. Terri: Oh yes! Knitters suffer pain for our craft! I'm so envious that you have until the 17th before classes begin. Our start-up is so ridiculously early this year -- as if Admin never realized that one must prep for new classes. And yes, I too would like a photo of her cowl -- Mama's trying not to keep texting "Are you finished yet?"!
    Liz: I'm currently knitting something you'll be interested in -- show you soon. As for Little Girl, I know my mom taught me to knit somewhere between 5 and 6, so her days are numbered. . . Happy New Year to you too!

  8. Ahh what a proud mum you are, but I can envy the joy and anticipation of finding the perfect yarn and pattern. My grandson Owen has asked to be taught to knit and I am ready as soon as we have time on our hands and the interest returns. He is 5 1/2 now. I think it is a good age.

    I love that dress and it is somewhere on my list of things I'd like to knit, which is even longer than my list of things I'd like to read. It looks to complicated for my attention span of late. I can't wait to see yours.

  9. Mardel: I'm a bit nervous about the dress at the moment -- it got huge in the blocking! As well, the wet-blocking I stupidly followed directions and did, caused stitches to desert their holder -- and some of those stitches had short-row wraps. Rather dreading the next step, putting raglan sleeves together and then picking up for yoke. But if I don't get to it within the next two weekends it won't happen this winter, so at some point, I'm just going to have to step up. . .


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