Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday, not quite Wordless . . .

Different views of yesterday's sky at dawn, all within five minutes. Brooding to uplifting.

My Wordless Wednesday, again. . .
With just a few words . . . Still playing catch-up here, today saw me fitting in an hour-long run, which felt good, and finishing off the batch of marking that gets handed back tomorrow, to be exchanged for a big stack of research paper proposals and annotated bibliographies.
And I took advantage of the day at home to make a big batch of Sweet Potato Vegetarian Chile from this recipe in the weekend Globe and Mail.
Then Paul and I cuddled on the couch and watched the first DVD of Supernatural, on the recommendation of a colleague. Not bad, although the genre's not our usual choice. But then, there was a time when I would have sworn I'd never watch a vampire show, and look who's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan . . .

There you go, a not-quite-Wordless Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend, folks, maybe we'll make it!


  1. I wonder what deep changes to your soul living with that view have wrought. In all seriousness.

  2. Yes, I feel that I would be a better person if I woke up to that vast palette every morning, rather than the grey closed-in vistas of city life.

  3. Those are stunning photos. I envy you hour long run. I'm hoping to fit in a 30 minute one this afternoon after I've taught and done some more exciting marking.

  4. Yum I am going to try that recipe mater. I love sweet potatoes!

    I have not gotten into any of the vampire books or movies but the kids at school are ravenous for them.

    Looking lovely up your way...

  5. Every time I see your photos I want to pack up and move there :). It seems like the weather is cooler there, although it was 48 F when we woke this morning. I did a little happy dance!

    Good luck with your work load.

  6. What beautiful photos. I love looking at the sky and seeing beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Thank you so much for sharing such lovely photos with us.

  7. Lisa: Logistics of living here are sometimes challenging, but when I contemplate simplifying (and eventually that will happen) I confront exactly the question you pose. . .
    Lesley: Yes, altho' your grey city life includes the possibility of the perfect morning croissant and an always available beautiful glass of wine.
    Raquelita: Yes, well, we have to balance our excitements and that marking is some pretty serious competition!
    Hostess: I'm not interested in vampires per se but am a Joss Whedon fan -- the writing on Buffy is just so clever.


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