Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grandparenting on the Island

We're heading for an afternoon nap right now, Nola and I, her grandfather having headed off to town for groceries.

So far, we've played trains together (there's Brio track looping madly all over the kitchen floor, under the table, contemplating heading down the three stairs into the livingroom), viewed Winnie the Pooh on DVD (I'm absolutely a fan of the books but nonetheless have a soft spot for any animation that includes John Cleese's voice and typographic romps), made potato-leek soup together, eaten a surprising amount of pancakes with pure maple syrup, bacon on the side, and read books in a big red leather chair -- so far, Munro Leaf's classic Ferdinand is the winner at five re-reads, but Vipont & Briggs' sly The Elephant and the Bad Baby is close behind at three, while Vancouver Island writer Stephen Eaton Hume's Midnight on the Farm has already charmed twice and the weekend's not over yet.

After our nap, we're planning to make cookies, play trains again, watch the boats out the window, help Granddad set the sponge for tomorrow's bread-making, read more books, and just possibly watch Winnie the Pooh all over again. Ratatouille (the film, not the dish) is also an option . . . .

Oh dear, Granddad looks a bit serious about the bad baby's behaviour, doesn't he?

But don't worry, Nola's obviously amused . . .

Because, you know, it's all fun and games around here this weekend. . . How about you?


  1. That last photo is gorgeous!! Really all the photos are gorgeous. Keep having fun. I'm in the mood for Ratatouille (the movie, not the dish) too.

  2. Hard to think of much of anything that could be cuter, or more iconic. Pater reminds me of my father - the father of my childhood - reading to us aloud. Wonderful.

  3. That last picture is just wonderful. Precious.

  4. Regarding your boat post, I have often wondered how you managed to get all your stuff to and from the shore. I will now appreciate the ease of my commute, but will still always envy your view.
    Although I used to sometimes find the relentless desire for a bed time story irksome, but as I have packed away those wonderful stories I now of course miss them, so maybe one day...I may get to read them again!

  5. Nola's precious little girl smile in the last photo made me smile too.

    I miss reading stories to little ones.

  6. When I saw the title of the post, my heart beat faster, and now am feasting on your photos, so precious. Thank you!
    And the cuisine- I'll have another pancake, please!

  7. Grandpa does look a bit serious - but looks like Nola's having fun!

  8. K: We never did get to watch Ratatouille (remembered as "too scary"!), but know many of the words to the Pooh movie by heart now . . . ditto too many of the songs.
    Lisa: So many values wrapped up in these images, no?
    Thanks, Pseu
    Alison: I've always loved reading aloud, and have a soft spot for children's books, so I've been looking forward to this! Suspect you will too, eventually.
    Susan: I did too! But your turn may come again . . .
    Duchesse: I always think of you when I post these photos -- glad you enjoyed.
    TNMA: He was probably disapproving of the bad baby's behaviour. Luckily, there would have been smiles at the happy ending!


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