Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marine Scenes for Busy Days . . . .

Unlike this boat, I am not sailing easily through my days, at the moment.

Rather, I seem to be freighted down with a variety of tasks, concerns, and activities -- many of them enjoyable and envigorating, I hurry to add, but all of them detracting from interesting blogging. And I am not finding time to comment on the blogs I love, if and when I make time for on-line visits. Still, I'm here, I'm healthy, and my full days are generally happy, if fatiguing ones.

And some days, I even arrive home in time to grab my camera and capture tranquil scenes at the beach . . .
and the rainbow's promise . . .


  1. Love that cloud with the light glowing above it and the rainbow below, like some kind of benevolent beacon.

  2. Just looking at these scenes makes my blood pressure drop. Love that red hulled freighter and the rainbow.

    You have the best scenery mater.

  3. Oh, I want to live there!!! The rainbow threw me over the edge.

  4. Thank you for these stunning pics. We're so lucky to have full lives but it can also be frustrating to be busy, even with many good things. Your views are a moment to stop and breathe again. Sew grateful!

  5. Do you take the ferry to work? Does that get tiring, after a certain point?

  6. Magic, just...magic. We all need those rainbows.

    Could it be the re-entry, after the leave, is especially taxing?

  7. Hello busy one, thank you for snapping a picture of the rainbow, so beautiful.

    Don't forget to breathe deeply.

  8. I think looking at your view for five minutes probably equals half an hour of meditation ...

  9. I've come for a sit on your beach...

  10. I do ponder occasionally how you ever get anything done with that view, you sound as rushed off your feet as I feel at the moment. Every time I feel I am back on top of the paperwork a shed load more arrives, plus we have to mark every 3 weeks!! I'm more used to biannually!

  11. Mardel: And the added magic is that it just beamed down in that spot -- there was no rain at all where I was, and it didn't look like there was any between me and the island you see across the water. Magic!
    Hostess: Isn't it a great red?! You have some pretty good scenery yourself, as you know.
    Kristin: One of the benefits of living in a rainy climate -- we get more than our share of rainbows.
    Lisa: Yes, I have a 10-minute, foot-passenger-only ferry ride as part of my commute (on the other side of the island to this photo). It can be tiring, yes, but again, tradeoffs . . .
    Duchesse: Yes, it's partly the leave, but it's always intense, September to end of April. 120 students' names to learn, marking right through the weekend almost every week, the adrenaline ride of performing for 12 hours each week, plus carrying the concerns about so many people and their struggles. And our current labour situation is not so pleasant . . .
    Susan: I sat outside with my tea watching the sunrise this morning, breathing deeply . . .

  12. Tiffany: I paid attention this morning (see comment to Susan above) and noticed that my breathing does seem to shift into a happier rhythm quite easily looking at the water, the horizon.
    Terri: Can I bring you a cup of tea? How nice to have a beachfront visit with you!
    Alison: I'm marking this weekend to hand back on Monday/Tuesday, but all my classes are writing an in-class essay (for grade) this coming week so I'll be coming away with more marking for the next weekend. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get their next assignments written up . . . Sigh!

  13. I hear you. This semester is draining! Oh, for a beautiful, calming maritime view . . .

  14. Miss C: I'm counting down 'til April . . .


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